Public Testing #11 - Status: Closed


What do you mean by rebindable? The issue I’m having is that the close tab hotkey is C in my settings, but it’s reacting to Tab, which is my chat hotkey, rendering me unable to chat efficiently (I can always change it, but tab and enter are the only viable options with my entire setup; enter is in a horrible position, being very close to Shift, my nexus hotkey. I can change that, but then it turns into an issue of play styles. I do not think that people should be forced to change play styles just over a luxury feature that is, frankly, useless.)


Does this mean no Xmas event tomorrow? I’d assume they wouldn’t put out an update one day after testing. Hopefully they do! (pls i just want santa hats )


how’s the outfit decision process?

Just some proof for:

Not autoupdating


Kicking people from your guild will make you disconnect as well as getting a 10-minute internal error timeout.
I was kicking people from both the friend list window and in my guild hall.
It will end up kicking the person, but you just get disconnected in the process. It most likely has to do with the kick message in the new chat server split, the “x has removed y from guild”


same. they also spawn in at least sprite worlds


Ice Crystal prisoner doesnt have ice clones


why didn’t yall make it so u get items on character creation? while not necesary for chat testing, it would encourage more people to play on the test server


just create a new account ??


or delte the old one and make new one with same email


is the shop supposed to work?
my account isnt working to I had to make a new one.


It’s just the first rough re-balance of exp gain to get started, most of the fame rework things will likely be rolled out in phases.

Hey, sorry we didn’t get back to you. It sounds like an issue caused by the old migration, so it’s best best to just make a new account.

It’s intended that the count does not update if a hero spawns after the realm is closed, since the quest to close the realm is completed regardless.

We’d like people to test NPE/PPE progression with the new realm quests, which should now lead newer players to the godlands more smoothly.


Good stuff :slight_smile: Will definitely help newbs out


Craig’s pots chest is now a present.

Btw could we get a cland rework? or are you guys already planning about reworking cland?


Intending to, definitely, but no concrete plans currently.


So, about the Beework: are there plans for another round of testing in the future, or will it be released on prod at a certain point?


Sorry bad wording on my part. What I meant is that both times when a ghost ship spawned, my quest pointer did not update. That is, I still had cyclops god as a quest instead of gship, for example.

I asked the realm and apparently it was an issue for them too. Maybe something to do with reskinned Christmas events?

@Skandling gz on white star :slight_smile:
At least it accepts accented è now. French babes like rmg can sex up the chat xD


Tried again entering Chinese to chat. Disappointed it is back to the old behaviour, of rejecting the message. Better to do it like the first chat test, silently ignore any characters it cannot handle. This has two benefits. First it is clear to the person typing what character or characters do not work. Second it saves any retyping, if the message is fine without the missing chars.

As is now, which is how it works in production, it is highly annoying, if you type a character it does not like the whole message is rejected. Not only do you have to retype the whole message but you have to guess what it did not like, so there is still the danger it will be rejected a second time. It’s also more likely you will experience the same problem in the future, if you do not know what exactly caused the message to fail.


dark elf queen’s drop table’s really low tiered for a quest enemy in mid-highlands


Oh yes, very happy for my fellow Europeans who will no longer need to put up with the compromise of using just ASCII. That’s why it‘s so annoying it doesn’t support other non-ASCII chars, even though Flash supports and displays them in e.g. the edit window.


OK, I wrote that too soon. Seems it only supports a subset of e.g. French orthography. If you try entering déjà it fails on the last character. é is OK, as is ç, but ï and î fail also. German support too seems limited, though my language skills are not up to testing it properly.

If there‘s any logic to it, it seems like the accents that work are ones that might appear in English. e.g. café is a valid English spelling, preferred by some to cafe as the latter could be pronounced differently. garçon also appears in English. I can’t think of any English words with ü or ö but they are used in spelling some names, and they work in chat.