Public Testing #11 - Status: Closed


Assuming this follows the rest of the open testing session and closes in like a day or two, should the actual Oryxmas be expected for next week?

EDIT: nvm it just started omegalul


sorry yeah, they just look more like night elves than the existing night elves


The new chat server has really reduced lag for me even with bad ping lag spikes were very rare.


I am never able to use these test servers… It’s always like register and i’m like okay, and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in and then log in for the rest of eternity.

How do I fix this???


YES! The winter realm events are back! Now I can farm up those winter consumables again! Here’s my input with the new Testing updates:

  • Presents inside the dungeons feel like they should drop consumables more often. I end up getting nothing from multiple presents in a row many times. They also drop low tier items (T3 abilities, T8 weapons/armors) that drop in a purple bag. Not only is that annoying when you run over to see that it isn’t a consumable, it doesn’t feel like its needed as a drop in the first place.
    – If there are any tokens being dropped such as last year’s ice shards, perhaps replace those low tier items with the tokens instead, as well as including other drops such as Lucky Clovers or Santa’s Workshop keys as a possible rare drop.
    – I didn’t have access to a loot drop potion/lucky clover so I would not know how much better it is with the effects.

  • The “Golden Demons” that hover near the dungeon event bosses are super annoying if they happen to apply Dazed or Weak to you, although, this makes the dungeon less of a steamroll now. Other people have noted that it doesn’t have a drop so hopefully that gets fixed when it appears live.

  • Buff more event whites pls

  • I don’t know how the new chat settings work or what they do.

  • Boss XP adjustments are a nice change, did the Godlands dungeons to see that you get 2000 XP from the bosses meaning +1 Fame every time you kill them. :ok_hand:

Been waiting since the beginning of the month to be able to farm those realm events for consumables. Having those around when there aren’t any dungeon events going on gives players like me SOME reason to keep playing, which is good.

Additional notes:

  • PLEASE DO NOT FORCE PLAYERS TO TURN IN ICE SHARDS AS A QUEST FOR PRIMAL ICE. There is already a mechanic to convert tokens into other tokens in one’s inventory (i.e. Nexus Fragments -> Greater Nexus Fragments), making this a quest requirement isn’t necessary. (Never mind you could easily stockpile weapons this way)

  • It would be nice to see what the Tinkerer quests are ahead of time to see if there are any issues/feedback regarding them.

  • The high land enemy quests seem useless and unnecessary to add in the first place.


I found some weird behaviour when I opened a cland in my vault. Not sure if it has to do with current changes or what but I was running it on a rogue and everytime i used my ability all the enemies disappeared, and then reappeared as new enemies. It was super weird, they were also disappearing when I walked into a room and just reappeared beside me etc.


That’s an issue related to Candylands in general, I believe. Probably something with how the code handles invisible rogues in dungeons that spawn monsters.


I don’t know how much work it would be, but just making bosses spawn like events in realm would solve boss room trolling. I guess it depends on how easy it is to add multiple spawn points in a dungeon. But if its just something you can pull off in a few minutes its defo worth doing.


It is basically separating the chat from the game servers, giving the chat its own server which will make the game have a bigger performance advantage.

Also this is testing, it will clearly not have much of drop tables for the presents/dungeon support event (the yellow demons) until it is released in prod.


It has always worked like that. Respawns in CLand happen when there are no nearby players, so when the spawner cannot see any players. If you cloak, and no-one else is around, they can respawn enemies. Why it deletes them is unclear, maybe to clean up e.g. minions after players leave an area.


Maybe add a 30 second notice before a boss spawns so ppl dont get disconnected/popped. Maybe some flavor text?


Enemies don’t spawn right on you (unless lag). If this is not a problem in realm it won’t be in a dungeon too


Candyland bosses have popped rogues that cloaked in the boss room before.


despite being an old grandpa (according to my friends) and absolutely hating change. I’m kinda excited!

Hope i won’t get dissappointed. Although kinda annoyed about ensts giving 25 fame since i cant fricking do them :cry:


Go fight those ebes


i didnt spell it that bad

and wtf, did u hop from d blue to yellow suddendly.

dont worry, you’re always a dark blue in my heart.


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Although this was just me trying to clear, and I cloaked then got sat on.
wow I really was a noob back then


Once the Beework finally gets released, that issue will be no more :333


it should bee like the cult pot drops rate, 1-4 mana and 1-4 life, that should do the trick