Public Testing #11 - Status: Closed


Maybe they should be helping clear enemies instead of sitting in the boss room /shrug

Boss spawns just shouldn’t be halted by players being in the boss room, who cares if someone gets popped for leeching in boss room anyway honestly.


It’s not just about the drop table. The enemies themselves feel as if their damage and HP belong in the midlands. Not only that, I don’t really see a reason to add these because they want “smoother” transitions into the Godlands. They’re now cluttering the Highlands like how you have “Sandstorms” in the Lowland desert areas.

I suggest tweaking the the Highland enemies’ damages so that they’re stronger and harder to kill (doesn’t have to be a lot, just a small buff may work too). Like I mentioned earlier, the monsters are cluttering the Highlands which makes it worse for newer players because all of the other enemies were already hard enough to kill. Older players have to deal with the lag that is the amount of enemies on screen.


Another note, Public Testing seems to be over now:


mfw the date still says TBD :rage::rage:


Yes, unfortunately Krathan made the OP so only mods or Nevov/Shatter can edit the post. The title has been updated though by one of the regulars iirc, for at least a couple of hours now.


Most of the cases I have seen have been in solo situations or when duoing with another rogue that has already cloaked. Most victims aren’t leechers.

It’s getting people killed, and (as described above) it often isn’t because they’re leeching. It’s a mechanic that shouldn’t be hard to fix (as there are enemies already that can detect cloaked rogues) and isn’t helping to combat leechers in any way.

Try to give people the benefit of the doubt when you don’t have all the information. It’s a good life policy.


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