Public Testing #7 - Status: Closed


Probably from past times it was open


Are you an admin in testing? How did you get that?


The Waki reminds me of

I mean, I’m just happy that one of my more favorite underviewed ideas turn out pretty similar to a production testing idea!


Where is the class items package? I’m confused.


Does Waki1 deal more damage than Waki2? From the tooltips:

Damage: 250-350
MP Cost: 50

Damage: 200-300
MP Cost: 60

It could also just be a visual error, and Waki2 actually does 300-400 damage per shot.


I don’t think changing skins to the same family should cost any fame/gold and that changing family’s should cost as much as they do 900gold/900fame is way too much for just an asthetic difference


I can’t confirm this because I ran out of fame, but if you get say a rare humanoid and you need a rare farm to fuse, you might be able to change the family for fusing, not just for skins.


they took down the box with admin items like 2 mins after testing was up, but I still got a few


brooo that button is so small i bet my ass if i looked for it myself i would found the g spot before upgradinf the pet yard


Regarding the pet size scaling to rarity I would just like to say please do not do this, or at the very least make it toggleable. Not everyone wants to have a huge pet following them around, and frankly it doesn’t matter if people can’t tell my pet’s strength by its size, because my pet doesn’t affect them. I had in the past used common pet stones on my divine simply because the larger sprite can be annoying and was really looking forward to the pet wardrobe so I could go to a common sprite again. If you scale pet size to rarity it will completely ruin some pet skins for me and many people I know.


I would suggest that it should take less fame to change the family of a common pet than a rare one. Both seemingly cost 9000 fame, yet it makes sense to me to have the cost of changing pet family increase as feeding anf fusing does. Mostly for consistency.


I am honestly so annoyed at giant 16x16 sprites wandering around me, even more if they aren’t even characters but just giant cosmetic pets. In fact I dislike big sprites so much I switched my rare pigeon to a little ducky and it’s so much better. Both are 8x8 but the ducky has smaller pixels so it’s a lot better.

On the thread topic, I managed to play a little on testing but there’s no way I am farming for stats and items from scratch there, we should get the stuff to test so we don’t waste time…


Thank you very much c:


Same here, according to other posts they had an “Admin” box that was free for the first 2 minutes of the server being up which had a lot of items in it. It’s gone now though.


They released free stat maxing and new items on mistery boxes an hour ago, now I was able to test it.

My opinion is that both abilities seem to need some work. Aiming wakis is terrible and it’s not a fun ability at all imo, having only few high-damage shots is boring. If it had more shots, animations, or something more effective it’d really make the wakis stand out as fun items to use.

Sheath is really fun but suicidal in endgame, you have to get too close, so it’s not that useful - it could either give a debuff to enemies or give yourself a buff to protect you against damage.


Every time I try and play on the web, it just brings me to the register screen even though I am already logged in. Does anyone know a fix for this?


You need to verify your email, else that happens when you click play.


I can’t figure out how to fuse pets can anyone help me?


Go to your pet yard, hover over the guy to the left, and press “Pets”


Personally, I feel like the waki is a fun ability but potentially broken. It’s super easy to land all the shots and do 1200 damage. I think the sheath is downright awful though. In order to get damage, you have to teleport close to whatever you’re shooting for minimal dmg at best.