Public Testing #7 - Status: Closed


Someone is abusing their admin ring and construct spawning thing in the nexus in testing lmao.


I’ve requested a wipe of the testing server of all admin items, hopefully this doesn’t happen again.


How did people even get their hands on them in the first place?


Deca fucked up.


Mystery boxes.




Wait I thought he just used the construct stuff, how the fuck did he spawn all that shit?


That is horrifying


We’ve extended the testing period to Friday morning!

Also to clarify some things, the chaos wasn’t caused by admin powers, just items designed to help closed testers which should not have been available. The knockback (ability to push enemies around) also wasn’t a bug with Waki or Sheath, just an old prototype.

Those items are disabled now, sorry for the inconvenience!


Loving the pet change to where they are scaling to the size of the rarity.
It makes me feel good that the pet skin(s) I adore can still show off the level of my pet, feels nice knowing you guys listened to that.


Is the teleportation distance random and the max is 2.125 tiles? Sometimes I feel like I’m not moving at all.


Nah, this I’m pretty sure this only happens when you’re moving, due to latency. If you’re standing still and spamming ability, it should move the same distance everytime. If you’re moving though, sometimes the ability won’t register until you’ve already moved to the TP destination. Then it feels like you haven’t TP’d at all.

Similar to Trix ability when lagging.


does it have more shots? I have no idea i’m just speculating


Waki2 has an extra shot


Testing currently open!


Wait, what are we testing?


yeah same


I think its Cnidarian Reef, Pet Wardrobe and Assassin ST, it’s a pre-release test so this will release to prod soon.



seems like it