Public Testing #7 - Status: Closed


Is there a topic to collect feedback for new ST set?

Also, could you reopen the Cnidarian Reef topic @Shatter? Ty!

Edit: Nvm Silex just made a ST feedback topic.


25 AM

(its brighter, has a larger head, and smaller lower body, but still similar)


She is a great swimmer.


I think a lot of people missed this


Piggby showed me and I love this addition. Janus will definitely become more popular with this addition. To clarify, Craig opens all three dungeons instead of 1 random (reef, encore and shaitains).


esp during events and the like.


My vote is make it required, buff O2, Buff O2 drops.

make oryx have a impenetrable shield that weakens every time one of the oryx courtyard bosses are defeated.

I don’t think this is a game that should have branching paths that lock you out of other important content.

I think it’s about time the name of the game becomes a bit more grande


craig should just be removed entirely


Like how?
Make it so no Court of oryx? or make it so the court just has 3 dungeons at spawn?


I actually really like this idea. It could be like each dungeon in a row (shaitans, then encore, then reef) and then you can do oryx.


You forget that not everyone has maxed characters and top tier weapons. Oryx is a scary enemy when you first start playing.


Not really…


as he should be.

but for everyone


I brought this up before in the previous testing but after now seeing the actual effects of this for myself, I am begging you to please at least give an option to disable rarity scaling! Having the baby elephant on my pet is my absolute favorite skin but not when it is this humongous elephant! I shouldn’t have to use an awful pet to use the skin I enjoy, here is a comparison shot between an uncommon elephant and a divine elephant.



I like the rarity scaling, and if you’re going to make it able to be disabled, you might as well disable pets, because it’s all cosmetic, I would just prefer the if people can disable seeing my huge pet, they disable all pets, or everyone but their own pet. All or Nothing! The fact that I know people can see my larger than yours pet makes me wanna make it look nice and bad ass.


BTW, Servers just closed so yeah…


There was an announcement and they said that they were closing earlier to test some stuff on their end. aka 6:00 their time. which was 11:00 PST


Might as well disable pets because I don’t like the larger common skins? I don’t really see the logic in that, I ask that there is an option rather than just not implementing it because I realize there are some people that like it, but there is no reason to deny others that don’t the ability to have the aesthetic they like as well.


Me too :confused: