Public Testing #8 - Status: Closed


Status: ** Closed**
Note: web link has updated from to


If you make a new account, don’t forget that you have to verify the email just like you would on prod.

Mystery Boxes (per account limits may apply)
Item: SuperFame, which grants 20000 base fame to supply pet needs.
Item: Feed, which has 50000 feed power.
Humanoid pet eggs.

Latest session - Tuesday, July 17th -> Thursday, July 19th - pre-release test:

Secluded Thicket

New testing server link

Nothing about the new class? :frowning:


June 19th? :thonking:


So I just had a try on it, The first boss is…easy enough. DC’d on the second boss because that’s how nice the servers are :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anyone know how to kill the last boss?

Edit: I have to hit him with his own lightning, right?


Okay i just had a first successful run at it. The first boss as i mentioned is easy, second one’s more of a janus-esque one. You hit the statue, then it spawns one of three tribesmen, you kill the tribesman, the statue enters janus rage. Either half the screen’s covered or the entire thing with just one safe quarter. The final boss is awesome. Though i got 0. I like the new lightning effects. And i like his three survival phases.


I wonder what the whites are


I think you only have to deal enough damage to him, then break the statues then he enters three survival phases. Just dodge and he will die eventually.


I think nothing drops xD


this is what i meant by the 2nd boss splitting everything into a quarter on the last phase. It warns you before it spews the golden shots on the red tiles for about 3-4 sec just like janus.


I used the lightning on him and it instandly kills him if you do it after the storm phase, otherwise he just repeats the storm phase




Is there by any chance that steam users can join testing?


testing accounts are separate from prod accounts


I ran into a problem, when I reset my testing password it reset my normal account password too! They are on the same email, and it led to quite a scare!


I think i figured how the second boss works. So when the fight starts you damage the tower. Eventually it spawns one Tribesman, which taunts you as he spawns. The tribesmen vary from an Insect one, which is green. A bird one, which is blue and the Demon one which is red. The Insect tribesman just circles the boss at first while firing sick shots that don’t deal much damage but the shots are A LOT. Once enough damage has been dealt to him, He enters his “rage” phase. He just moves swift and still attacking with just sick-inducing attacks. If you get the blue one, He does the same thing, but with quiet/confuse shots. Once he enters his rage phase, same thing just that he flies around corners and stands still. The red one does the same thing too, just that he is more aggressive. He deals only high damage and no status effects I believe. When he enters his rage phase, Beware and by beware i really mean BEWARE. The entire dungeon is pretty melee unfriendly so be careful. Because he starts chasing players while shooting shotguns of high-damage destruction. Now, when you kill one, the statue becomes vulnerable while doing the janus phase (See screeny above). Also if you notice, the four blue squares in the screeny are visible. This means that I killed Blue as i screenshotted it. What the corners do is fire shots based on who you killed before it entered that phase. Blue is confuse, Green is sick/bleed i believe and red is like the Limon’s stars phase, a laser barrage which splits the platform in two i think. Oh and if that was the last tribesman, the statue also throws these flames which curse if you walk on top of them. Once you kill the statue the way to the 3rd boss opens.


Is the Flash link supposed to have two slashes, I can’t get in :c


Also, I can’t get in, what’s the flash link


I am not being able to log into the testing with my prod account is it possible to delete my account from testing so I can register again ?


You have to make a new account for testing