Public Testing #8 - Status: Closed


thing is i created a account on testing in 2012 so I don’t remember the password of it anymore


Direct link in case anyone needs it:

Make a new one, Deca gives eggs and feed power for pets, and you spawn in the game 8/8 with pretty good items.


Can you give us more fame so that we can fuse our pets and upgrade our pet yards? 100k is just enough for that. It’ll also be needed to feed.


It keeps saying error loading retry in 10 minutes when i try to enter anything i even made a new account and when i make a name it says this as well, it also happens when i try to sent a new password to login to the account and i doesn’t even sent the email and after the ten minutes nothing works. Any help?


is it just me or does the begginer package not work?


Is there a star limit on the Mystery boxes? They aren’t showing up for me.

EDIT: For those of us new to testing, you need at least 2 stars for the Mystery Boxes to show up. Killing a couple gods on your wizard and then a Priest does it.

EDIT AGAIN: Wasn’t thinking and deleted my character after using the Fame booster. Can you buy that box again?

EDIT AGAIN AGAIN: Haha, I can just make a new account.


I did as much fusing and feeding and upgrading as possible and still have ~20000 total fame, they gave enough


I accidentally deleted the char I put the 20k fame thing on so rip legendary pet


Apparently, the game itself is down right now. The game isn’t booting on any client. Do you guys know what’s happening? It seems that this is also the case with discord and other things.


Is the server op now i can’t get on the testing


games down


Apparently, the problem is that Google Cloud Platform (where the game data is apparently stored I think) is down. This means every single program that uses Google Cloud Platform should be down.



Can’t connect, anyone else? (testing)


same, admin only


So public testing is broken rn?


pretty sure its up again\


i still get this image




?why’d you reply to me


Is it down for a tad of maintenance?