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I agree they were easy, but when you get slowed…


Or paralyzed for that matter.


I, among others, do not agree with this.
I personally think the shots should be slowed down a bit to allow for the slower classes (f.e. Necromancer, Knight, Wizard) to actually keep up with the stream.
While soloing on a Knight, I had trouble keeping up, and got struck twice. What @Lily stated is exactly how I’d phrase it, even!




cant drop nothing :smiley:


No there are whites they just aren’t developed yet


i believe the whites are a staff and maybe a wand, from what superninna leaked. i think there was more, but there’s no way i could go through all those discord logs to check.


Staff, Skull and a Spell


huh that makes more sense

imo they should have done a tlatoani revamp though


They kinda do though. Spirit is a better version of staff, mwoods robe is a better version of robe (as is cult robe). Idk what the ring stats are and I don’t know anything about UT skulls tho


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