Public Testing #9 - Status: Closed


Status: Closed


If you make a new account, don’t forget that you have to verify the email just like you would on prod.

  • A new character starts with level 20, 6/8, full WC tops and backpack.
  • The 10 star requirement for keys is disabled, tool tips have not been updated though.
  • Mystery Boxes (per account limits may apply)
    • Item: SuperFame, which grants 20000 base fame to supply pet needs.
    • Item: Feed, which has 50000 feed power.
    • Humanoid pet eggs.

Session - Tuesday, September 11th -> Wednesday, September 12th:

In this thread we can keep any info related to status, special testing server properties, ETA for next sessions, testing topics and things like that. Properties may of course change depending on what needs to be tested.




How do we get items to test dungeon. do we need to grind the realm?


I wanna know aswell


You’ll be spawned in on a 6/8 with good gear.


I havent been spawned in with good gear tho


i got a 0/8 with nothin


same :confused:


also any luck getting the swf? it keeps downloading the regular version not the test one. any ideas?


in the flash projecter, press file. press open and paste the link


Maybe it’s changed since last time I was on testing. Hopefully someone will be around with more info.


awesome thanks


I used characters left over from last time testing. Used as they both died, the Sorc very quickly, the Necro on the fourth bee I tried to kill. This was both solo (someone else came in one but died almost instantly). HP scaling seems to be working, but they are still a nightmare to take on, spamming status effects and especially in rage phase rushing and trying to sit on you.


You don’t spawn in with free shit yet, they might change it soon or never


@Krathan details on nest updates and experimental optimization?


image lol



ui change



bug? “click to switch pet” text hidden behind the pet