Public Testing #9 - Status: Closed


Nest Updates?
What exactly has been altered, @Krathan?


Basically, any invisible helper object that doesn’t do anything client side is no longer sent in server updates. The impact might not be big, but basically fewer objects for the client to worry about and slightly less traffic. From a game perspective nothing should change.

More details on Nest updates will follow later - but you’ll already see some changes in the HP Scaling thread.


I still wonder who thinks its a good idea to let us test endgame dungeons without maxed characters


They probably just forgot, added in wc tops 30 mins after initial release. Though I’m kinda bummed I lost jugg and don’t respawn with one anymore T_T.



I hope this also fixed the overspawn of the Killer Bee Nest’s Blue Beehemoth’s minions, as I sent in.

Thank tenfold

Also, important: you can now switch items in the Pet Yard!! Never mind, that was just lag.



Is it just me or are the server just a bit (/s) too laggy to do anything at the moment?


They’re really laggy, as they always are.
It’s going to make testing a little difficult - try different servers to see which one doesn’t lag the most for now, I reckon.


I keep constantly DCing in Nests/Cultist Hideouts due to invisible enemies. There’s a red dot that appears on the minimap but no enemy in front of my character which then shortly disconnects me.


We’re working on the massive lag issue that is currently happening. If you can make it into a realm, those are working fine.

Edit: only happening on EUW Nexus.
Edit 2: should all be fixed now.


Now people are spawning in as lvl 1, is this a result of the lag fix…?
Fixed now, cheers Krathe!


Same, the tooltip on character select screen shows tops but I’m spawned level 1, no equipment.

Yep, all good now.

#35 yas!


Managed to finally solo Queen, sort of. A Knight helped me throughout the dungeon and the first couple phases.
Note: Haven’t read patch notes yet, this was just my impression
Before I give my feedback on the fight in general, was the dungeon also made shorter? It did kind of feel like it.
Edit: Predicted or predicted?

As far as I’ve played, I grealy enjoy the changes made to the fight! I’m not sure if I was only imagining it, but the arena feels bigger, making the fight fairer already.
The change to the Yellow Phases are very welcome and fun to look at (she shoots those little worker bees!!); the changes to the Blue Phases are also very neat, reducing the ridiculous amount of bullets they previously had.

Overall, I think the Nest is much more worthwhile to do now.


How did you get such a high percentage of a level from 3.6k fp


Were there changes made to snake pit? Unless I’ve gone crazy, Stheno has way fewer Invulnerability phases. Its especially noticeable in the phase where she spawns the smaller snake minions.


See this thread for that:

tl;dwr every boss now has HP scaling, and therefore less invulnerability periods, since those were the “OG” HP scalers.


Hah I can say I beat BTL to it even though this is a different shats. xd

@ItsGrandma the shats is HP scaled now, so it makes some things easier.

This is what happened when I was feeding my pet during testing

what changed