PUBLIC TESTING: The Bees are Back in Town


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I did manage to get another solo without getting chain paralyzed, so I might have just gotten unlucky with where I stood (hardenest honey = slower move speed = slower getaway), and the fact that I got slowed by some Worker Bees.

Anyway, here’s a solo of the whole fight on Sorcerer.

@Nevov Are you proud of me


Something about this being an official announcement about stuff makes this kill me


Can you add like t14 armors or something into the drop table?

The loot still isn’t worth it tbh, and please make it life gdex as a guaranteed drop if you get a pot bag.
It’s really depressing getting a pot bag and it only being dex.

The dungeon was definitely hard when it first came out but I’ve grown to love it. Now it looks even better than before.


Well it drops arguably the best helm and dagger in the game.


Yeah at an extremely low rate.


I did several Nest attempts, all of which I ended up soloing the boss because people either left or died before getting there. I got to kill the boss 1 time and was pretty challenging dodging everything. Here’s my feedback:

  • The boss room should be slightly bigger. I feel that the limited space that you get is just barely enough to get by some of the phases.

    • I found this especially true with the small bees that the boss spawns applying Slowed to myself. This happened once during the “needle” phase and I had to nexus, but I guess that’s just me being bad and not dodging.
  • The first phase of the Killer Queen Bee seemed like it had too much HP. It took a while just to get it from running around the room to the next phase (where it runs towards the middle). The same goes with the 3 colonies on the side during the “needle” phase of the boss. I got hit with Dazed/Weak shots too many times to be able to even kill off 1 colony. This was a solo run with a Huntress with a Void Bow/Crown. Perhaps make the base HP lower but increase HP scaling to compensate in a large group.

I like how getting to the boss is much easier to solo now. I will say that the big soldier bees giving only 195XP should be looked at again.


They’re UTs, I wouldn’t want them to be common.


Why do you want us to kill your bees :thinking:



Not sure, but is it intended for the Enraged Blue Killer Bees (image) to still inflict Weak?
It’s really annoying that it does, cause it makes Blue Soldier Bees much bulkier than probably intended…
Edit: Beekeeper’s spawned bees are the same - still Weakening…


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He’s Dr. Terrible, and he’s still stuck in the nest


absolutely beautiful. I feel like nest should drop t14 armors tho


Thank you for this music vid btw


The naming of the things - with The Nest (dungeon) and Nest (encounter) there is often confusion when discussing - is the wiki correct when it calls the encounter Killer Bee Nest? I notice you don’t refer to it with this name at all in the OP.

It makes for a confusing situation and things are spoken like "Nest USE Beh" or "TP Nest". Are they calling the event? The dungeon? Everytime we have to run a questionning routine in our head, or in chat, or just show up not being fully cognisant of what you’re going to - and I think this might have contributed in a small way to people’s negativity with all things Nest.

Sometimes I see people call it ‘Nest Colony’ but that’s specifically the little side entities isn’t it, not the encounter itself.

‘Killer Bee Nest’: wiki shows this is also the name of some entities that spawn during the dungeon bossfight.

Compare all this with something like Avatar -> Shatters -> King which are easy to discuss and know what we’re talking about, and easy to search for relevant vids/etc. of what you want to see. Trying to search for vids of the Nest encounter on YT is a pain, not helped by ‘event’ could mean encounters or chest event, so looking for Nest Event brings up a load of vids of Nest Chests.

Maybe use of ‘Colony’ throughout the encounter naming would distinguish the encounter from the dungeon. Then the parallel with Ava would be Colony -> Nest -> Queen. Or some other word? Maybe Killer Bee Nest if that’s on the quest marker when it returns will be enough. Not sure.

Anyway, just wanted to throw that problem out there…

@Seelpit do you find sorcerer much better than priest in there? I’d probably always pick priest for the heals.


Priest is cool with heals and all, but Sorcerer can take out masses of Larvae with ease, as well as insta the smaller Bees spawned during the semi-final phase.

I think that the Pain Tome would really see some use here, though, since it’d be pretty similar to a Scepter blast…but in a circle…with less range…I don’t know, they both kill things, which is good.
In case you’re unsure about it dealing enough damage - the set provided on testing gives you the ability to deal 444 damage (base), which instas about 3-4 Killer Bees.
A Tome of Pain deals 420 @ 75 wis (I don’t know the formula, the info I was provided was weird and contradictive), so it should deal enough to insta any Bees or Larvae within a radius of nearly 6 tiles.


Note: this is my opinion

I felt that we were not prepared enough for this nest testing. Sure there are plenty of people who can solo or complete in a small group with a 6/8 but… I am not one of those people and I’m sure a majority of testers can agree with me here. I personally have no experience in the nest and have no idea what to do and end up dying right off the bat, not to mention theres only like 3 other people in the dungeon. because my 8/8s and uts can’t be replaced, I’m forced to walk into a dungeon I know very little about to try and actually figure out if the changes make it better. I didn’t think to stock up on uts so all I have is my measly 6/8 class with tops to complete an end game dungeon with little help and no experience. I know a majority of this is not at the fault of the devs but I personally feel like it would more doable if we had the proper equipment to do them effectively without taking forever or dying immediately. idk, this is just my take on the testing as a whole since I had no way to actually be able to test the dungeon we were there for.

tldr: Th e nest is difficult to do with no experience and only a 6/8, I think the 8/8s with tops should be brought back so we have proper equipment to complete this dungeon/ make it easier.