PUBLIC TESTING: The Bees are Back in Town


Maybe not, but the uts are what I want most. having really overpowered gear allows you to learn the ins and outs of the dungeon without dying horribly multiple times. For example, If I am learned how to rush an abyss i’d rather learn how to do it on a 8/8 knight than a 6/8 wizard. having that cushioning makes it so you can get through it. if you keep dying because you have no skill, you aren’t learning squat. If I use this op character to complete the dungeon I learn how it works and after I’ve done it multiple times, I can learn how to do it with a lower character. I know you learn by making mistakes but theres no learning when your thrust into unfamiliar territory and then get immediately sat on and intsa die.

It’s fine if you can solo. but, a lot of people, myself included don’t know how to do them and with any kind of overpowered gear or maxed characters, I can’t get anywhere.

I disagree. I think it is important for most players to get a chance to complete it. sure we could analyze the dungeon as a community by looking at numbers and going off one players experience. But I feel that it is better for more people to understand the dungeon. playing through a dungeon gives everyone a first hand account of it. things that look good on paper aren’t always so in game. Seeing is believing, hearing someone else talk about the dungeon or watching them go through it may provide information, but without experiencing it first hand, it really doesn’t mean anything. sure watching a skilled player solo a shatters may make it look easy but until you try it yourself, you have no idea how hard it is. thus having 8/8s with uts will most likely provide the level of safety necessary to be able to complete it without just falling flat on your face as soon as you walk in.


In my opinion, 6/8 is maxed enough for testing, considering there is no penalty for death. And it isn’t the difference between 8/8 knight and 6/8 wizard, but a 8/8 knight or 6/8 knight. It isn’t really a big handicap to not have life maxed.


I completely understand your perspective but

Honestly, I’d rather have a full tops set knight than an ogmur knight with like breastplate and colo sword and crown for soloing a nest. RotMG is one of the new games where a character cannot be considered OP just by UT and Tops. The point of UTs isn’t supposed to be better than tops but instead a niche replacement for them with different objectives. Ogmur really isn’t gonna help you or any overpowered gear. The base tops are the most important tbh.

I understand your point here, but even just clearing a dungeon or starting the first few phases of a dungeon can help you understand how to further finish the dungeon or get a grip on it and provide feedback. Shatters, in particular, is one dungeon that can be completed under any skill level because it doesn’t really require dodging and rather understanding of mechanics, however, Nest does require dodging. And honestly, you need to tell us which UTs you believe will help you more than Tops do because I personally feel like there is no “cushion” difference between tops and UTs.


the penalty for death is not getting to complete the dungeon.

ik that’s not the point of them but that’s what they’ve unintentionally created. Why use acclaim when you can have more rage and shots with pixie. Why use deca if you have a crown? who would want a ub wis? pick up a geb ring. No need for ub mp when you have gem. its like riding a bike, these items are the training wheels. once you understand how the bike works, take them off when you go back to prod. Sure it may be challenging to get go back to not as good character but at least you know what to do so you can have increased chances of survival.

prot, jugg, crown, bracer, pixie, devastation scepter, fire armor, cdirk, and several other.
sure, some of these aren’t necessary, but they make the dungeon easier, whether it be more range, more dps, higher def or whatever, they were given too us before because they are powerful and can be used to greatly aide us in difficult dungeons such as this.

I’m done arguing now so I hope you can at least see the dungeon from the perspective of a player who is completely lost and needs the aide from powerful items to be able to learn effectively.


Yes but at the same time you realize that crown literally only adds dps so it’s pretty much ineffective at keeping you alive versus deca and pretty much any item you listed(except prot) doesn’t really change how you would play the class within the context of the nest. I think most people here agree that tops vs Uts don’t really change how you could play. I promise you if you can’t solo a nest with a tops wizard, you can’t do it with st spell, (insert any UT item you want for the remainder of the set)

Also I personally feel like deca is more USEFUL than crown is due to it being amazing at keeping you alive. Crown is only good(imo) in shatters or godlands or really small Lhs because DPS actually matters there. In nest its better to have survivability.

Sorry if I poorly worded my argument, but I hope I also did get my point across.

I don’t think you understand that I am not personally attacking you here, I’m trying to show the objective understanding that every realm player SHOULD adopt(from my perspective ofc) because good items =/= good player/good playstyle. Past tops shouldn’t affect your game play(sans prot)

Edit: I feel like if you learn with tops, UT items can aid to better your gameplay but ONLY within the context of a larger group.(where you don’t need defense as much and can focus on building rare items that contribute to DPS or HP or wisdom etc etc because in a solo nest I believe tops to be perfect)


oh also i personally use acclaim over pixie in almost every fight(even if pixie outdps) because acclaim is just easier to hit and overall is a lot nicer of a weapon IMO.

have a nice dayyy :slight_smile:


Ik your not, I just know that my opinion is not going to change and neither is yours and I feel like my opinion has been stated and I have nothing else to say.

that wasn’t my point though, my point was that having these items can make up for lack of skill in some cases and that they can make harder dungeons easier.


I kind of doubt this, actually - yes, Prot can make you much more bulky, but there’s a lot of Silence, Quiet, and Armor Break/Pierce in the Nest.
I don’t think anything can really make up for a lsck of skill: to really learn the Nest, go in a group and observe how enemies act, and how the group responds accordingly.

After all, Armored only matters if you have defense, and you can’t Purify anything if you’re Silenced, and honestly, stat buffs don’t matter if you’re dead.


A nest change! Its un-bee-levable


What the hell are numbers?


I call the event ‘Bees’


Bit late but Sean and Seel make good points.

I would, however, steal Mynam’s argument to support your point by saying:

Why the fr*ck would they give us those cool OP UTs when testing the Secluded Thicket (which is pretty easy comparatively), and not give us those items and 8/8’s testing the most endgame dungeons in RotMG?


I agree that was a bit silly of them. I think it would have to do with us learning how the UT items worked such as how they did it for Lost Halls. If anything, they should give us csword and cwand because those are useful UT items that can just benefit us slightly and to a smaller extent. But yeah bad planning on deca’s end.


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