Public Testing this weekend!



I like the item changes! Enforcer gap might be a bit too large now, probably should have been something like 10, but other than that these buffs are pretty good! +20 wis from ritual… devastation go brrrrr


Ray Katana and Kageboshi are getting the buffs they deserve. And I’m SUPER excited for that Ritual Robe buff. That was my main robe before, but now it’s definitely going to stay my main robe. 10/10.


One quick thing i’d like to butt in to point out is that:

While the power levels of these items may change, we have not looked at their corresponding forge values yet.

Meaning that the forge value of some items may be subject to change, but we have not considered it yet. That’s a job for when we’ve fully settled on the changed item, which would happen sometime after PT :wink:

It is totally plausible some items go up or down in material value. By the looks of it, it’s a bit less likely something would change material “tiers”


Really long responses BTW.



  • MP Cost: 80 → 100
  • Held effect removed
  • Shoots 4 projectiles instead of 1
  • Projectiles now boomerang
  • Damage: 400 → 600
  • Lifetime (MS): → 800
  • Range: 8.4 → 6

Poggers! Finally it becomes useful as DPS star. Literally crafted it just now.

Ray Katana

  • Damage: 111 → 140
  • RoF: 100% → 110%
  • Range: 6.11 → 6.2

Good buff, but not enough for me.

Trap of the Vile Spirit & Trap of the Blood Spirit

  • Damage: 650 → 800, now armor pierces
  • Throw Time: 0.75 → 0.5 seconds
  • On Equip:
    • +20 MP → 0 MP
    • +3 ATT → +4 ATT
    • +3 SPD → +4 SPD

1st Armor-piercing trap?! EZ. And use this with Nile and CSilk, real good stuffs. Now it can at least compete against CDweller Trap.

Amber Encrusted Helmet

  • Removed Cooldown

Really good for MBC (solo) fight.

Robe of the Mad Scientist

  • On Equip:
    • +55 MP → 0 MP
    • +4 ATT → 0 ATT
    • +13 DEF → +12 DEF
    • 0 WIS → +7 WIS
    • +2 VIT → +7 VIT
  • Added “On Ability Use” Proc: +25 MP

Looking at the buffed stat, I say this Robe can be treated as the budget counterpart of Shendyt.

Soul’s Guidance

  • Proc Cooldown: 1s → 0.4s
  • Forgotten Soul spawn chance: 20% → 15%

Definitely an overall buff.

Plague Poison

  • On Equip:
    • +2 ATT → +4 ATT
    • +2 ATT → +4 WIS
  • Throw Time: 1.5 → 1.2 seconds

Wis-mod for Assassin incoming?! And the +4 Att really helps him as he lacks Att than Dex.

Resurrected Warrior’s Armor

  • Trigger on taking damage: 0 → 40
  • No Stacking of Wisdom Debuff
  • On Equip: +15 WIS → +20 WIS

Meanwhile me died with 2 Juggs, I still have my very 1st Resu back in September. My Samu gal will really love the +20 Wis, Waki spamming goes brrrr.

Staff of Esben

  • Amplitude 1.35 → 0.85
  • RoF: 0.8 → 1.0
  • Damage 70-90 → 55-75

Finally it worths something to be used.

Orb of Aether

  • MP Cost 90 → 110

Eh, the MP cost buff is needed anyway as it can Slow and Paralyze, pretty strong stuff still.

Fire Dragon Battle Armor & Eggre Battle Armor

  • Added “On Ability Use” Proc: Deals a burst of 500 damage to enemies within 5 sqrs and poison them for 500 damage over 5 seconds. Cooldown 15 seconds.
  • On Equip: +4 ATT → +6 ATT

Now it’s no longer useless :smiley:

Leaf Hide Dragon Armor

  • On Equip:
    • +3 VIT → +5 VIT
    • +3 WIS → 0 WIS
  • Added “On Ability Use” Proc: Increase defense by 15 for 5 seconds. Cooldown 15 seconds

Ooh, a mid-ground for Brigandine and Ornate Armor. Might as well use it if I get one.

Water Dragon Silk Robe

  • On Equip:
    • +12 DEF → +13 DEF
    • +3 WIS → 0 WIS
    • 0 VIT → +5 VIT
  • Added “On Ability Use” Proc: Heals 100 HP and applies healing for 3 seconds when under 75% HP. Cooldown 15 seconds

Really pog for IC/OoC as most of the Robe classes have 40-45 Vit.

Ring of the Sphinx & Enchanted Ice Shard

  • On Equip: +4 WIS → +4 ATT

Make that 100 MP and 5 Vit/Att, we’ll be good.

Tome of Holy Protection & Tome of Frigid Protection

  • On Equip: +4 VIT → +4 DEF

@Seelpit This is the exact buff you wanted <3

Pharaoh’s Requiem

  • Changed mask behavior to orbit in place instead of randomly wander
  • Reduced mask size 120 → 100
  • Mask radius: 2.5 → 3

IDK about this but sure.

Hivemaster Helm

  • Cooldown removed
  • Bees are now summons (meaning using the ability again replaces the existing 3 bees!)
  • Curse chance 50% → 100%

Now all Helms are equal <3

Ritual Robe

  • On Equip: +15 WIS → +20 WIS

My Sorc will really love the buff. GLand farming goes brrrr.

Bloodshed Ring

  • On Equip:
    • +100 HP → +110 HP
    • +5 DEF → +6 DEF
    • +5 WIS → +6 WIS

Not bad but I would still take Nile over this ring for Sorc. Actually, those buffed stats can help Warriors and Paladins a lot.

Quiver of the Shadows

  • On Equip: +2 DEF → +6 DEF
  • Arc Gap: 8 → 5
  • XP Bonus: 7% → 8%
  • Pierces through obstacles

Now that’s some sexy buff.

Armor of Nil

  • On Equip:
    • +24 DEF → +26 DEF
    • -4 SPD → -3 SPD

One of my favorite and underrated Void white finally got buffed!

Buffed QoS stats + Buffed Nil + UBDef + all 5 Defence Exaltations -> 72 Defence for Archer. EZ GLand farming.


  • Projectile size reduced by 25%

A slight nerf but sure.

Gambler’s Fate

  • Throw Time: 0.8 → 0.6 seconds
  • Throw Object color: FFD800 (gold)

Good buff, nothing else.

Turncoat Cape

  • Invisibility: 2 → 3 seconds
  • Proc Activated on taking: 40 → 30 damage

Trickster/Rogue OP now?!


  • Projectile size reduced by 25%

Needed nerf anyway but this won’t affect too much.

Divine Coronation

  • On Equip:
    • +90 HP → +110 HP
    • +40 MP → +55 MP

One of my favorite O3 white gets a buff Can’t w8 to pair that with (nerfed) Enforcer, T7 Waki and GGuard for my future Exalted Samu. <3 <3 <3


  • Arc Gap: 6 → 14
  • Speed: 140 → 130
  • Lifetime (MS): 420 → 410
  • Range: 5.88 → 5.33

Still powerful, but not as before.

Ballistic Star

  • Shots now pass through objects for less interruption
  • offsetAngle of main shot 0 → 45
  • offsetAngle of secondary shot – 90 → 135

IDK about this.

Centaur’s Shielding

  • Proc Duration: 3 → 4.5 seconds

Good stuff.

Battalion Banner

  • Duration of the Damaging buff from the banner: 1 → 0.6
  • Cooldown of buff application 1.0 → 0.2

Eh… sure.

Oryx’s Escutcheon:

  • Throw Time: 0 | 0.8 → 0.6 | 1.6 → 1.2 seconds
  • Stun Duration: 1.4 → 2 seconds
  • Damage: 850-900 → 1000-1200
  • Radius: 2.25 → 2.75
  • Max Cast Range: 2.5 → 3.0

Yeeeeeet!!! But too bad ppl still pronounce “Escutcheon” wrong.

Thousand Shot & Blazon Bow & Sunny Side Bow

  • Damage: 45-130 → 60-125
  • Blazon Bow XP Bonus: 7% → 6%
  • On Equip: -5 SPD → 0 SPD

Damage buff actually as the average damage is increased by 5. Speed penality is no more.

Sealed Crystal Skull

  • Min Wis: 30 → 25
  • Ignore Def: 55 → 70

Not my favorite white but a buff never hurts.

Bottled Medusozoan

  • Removed cooldown

Haha, jellyfishes goes brrrrrr.

Cloak of the Mad God

  • Cooldown: 6.5 → 6
  • MP Cost: 125 → 110
  • On Equip: 0 DEF → +5 DEF
  • Feed Power: 900 -> 950

Basically a Jugg for Rogue but buffed, good stuff.

Lightshow Scepter

  • Mana Cost – 125 → 100
  • Wisdom on Use – 10 → 20
  • Mana on Use – 30 → 50 (Only if using the full set)

I don’t use it but I suppose it is a buff.

Performer’s Hat

  • On Equip: +70 HP → +77 HP
  • Procs Cooldown: 20 → 15 seconds
  • Procs Chance: 15% → 20%

77 HP? You sure Deca? Because I smell inconsistency.

Ancient Spell & Spectral Spell

  • Damage 53-115 → 55-115
  • On Equip:
    • 0 SPD → +2 SPD
    • 0 VIT → +5 VIT

Small buff on Speed but decent on Vit, good stuff.

Harmonious Harp

  • Speed: 50 → 65
  • Lifetime (MS): 1200 → 1000
  • Total Range: 6 → 6.5
  • Rate of Fire: 80% → 85%

Not a fat buff but ok.

Nectar Crossfire

  • Damage: 35-60 → 50-65

Tighter damage spread with additional damage buff? Ok.

Oryx’s Greatsword

  • Damage: 185-245 → 185-215
  • RoF: 110% → 120%
  • Range: 2.8 → 3.5

Literally a buff.

Tricorne of the High Seas

  • Cooldown: 5 → 0
  • Proc Cooldown: 6 → 3
  • Applied wismod formula of tiered helms
  • Proc damage threshold: 60 → 40

Like Bee Helm buff, now it’s equal.

Staff of Eruption

  • Amplitude: 0.35 → 0
  • Lifetime (MS): 300 → 366
  • Range 4.5 → 5.5

Good stuff.


  • Damage: 190-260 → 220-270

ASS for Katana class intensifies.

Reinforced Root Armor

  • Negative speed proc removed
  • On Equip: +4 SPD → 0 SPD
  • New “On Hit” Proc: While wearing “Traveler’s Trinket” and taking 40 damage, + 20 vit for 4 seconds. 6 seconds cooldown.

IC/OoC goes brrrrrr

Daring Discoverer ST Set Bonuses:

  • On Equip 2 Pieces:
    • +3 DEF → +4 DEF
    • +2 SPD → +4 SPD
    • +0 MP → +40 MP
  • On Equip 3 Pieces:
    • +3 SPD → +0 SPD
    • +3 DEF → +4 DEF
    • +0 ATT → +4 ATT
    • +0 MP → +50 MP
  • On Equip All Pieces:
    • +6 ATT → +8 ATT
    • +5 DEF → +8 DEF
    • +40 HP

No opinion.

Overall, really excited to see it coming.


Projectiles all share the same hitbox. The only thing that has changed is its visual appearance.

This one wasn’t a Deca change. The full set now gives 777 HP, which is fun.


Didn’t know that but ok.


Hivemaster Helm

  • Cooldown removed
  • Bees are now summons (meaning using the ability again replaces the existing 3 bees!)
  • Curse chance 50% → 100%

Wait so is the bug fixed??


I’d love if it would give +8 att (making it a more survivability-based dammah robe) to finally have it beat anointed (since that gets better with st set) and be reclaimed as the best DPS mid-late (not endgame) robe

that’s actually a buff since it allows you to see when using superior

again it’s really a buff since it makes stuff easier to see, snd both the above weapons are mainly single-target dps machines, so size decrease doesn’t matter


There’s already a petition up on reddit about reverting the Enforcer nerf. People are really upset because “Ninja is useless to exalt now”.

I think the gap is a bit too wide now, but it definitely deserved a nerf.

If a single katana is the only reason to play a class, to me that sounds like there’s something unbalanced, so they could’ve seen it coming in my opinion…


I don’t know how to make my post all nice and fancy like @PRCSakura, so forgive me for this wall of text. Here goes:

Ray Katana: Nice buff. Although I would really like to see an armor piercing katana and I figured Ray would be perfect for that. (I know the ST katana armor pierces, but that is hard to get and short range)

Kageboshi: Looks great for clearing minions, I just wonder what the arc gap is on it. Will have to play and see.

Vile Trap: Nice.

Amber Encrusted Helmet: No cooldown, much needed change.

Robe of the Mad Scientist: Looks really cool!! The proc will scale well with lower tier abilities, and fall off with others which is fine since it drops from a lower end dungeon. Love it!

Soul’s Guidance: Looks great!

Plague Poison: Still underwhelming IMO, but that is more of an issue with assassin itself. Maybe wismod will fix this in the future?

Resu: Having a trigger for the damage is a great change, along with no stacking of the debuff. And you guys gave it an extra 5 wis! Great for Oreo!

Staff of Esben: Looks like it will be much more consistent to use, good change

Orb of Aether: Not a big nerf, won’t change much imo

Fire Dragon Battle Armor: Respectable DPS stats now, along with a cool proc! Great change!

Leaf Hid Dragon Armor: Good change, now a very respectable tank armor

Water Dragon Silk Robe: Big buffs to the defensive aspect of the robe. Very interesting item now

Ring of the Sphinx: Good change

Tome of Holy Protection: This item was sorely in need of buffs after IC/OOC nerfed armored by 50% along with increasing the MP cost of all tomes. The def on equip will help make up for the lost defense it previously gave.

Pharoah’s Requiem: Sounds more consistent, along with a bigger radius. Good change.

Hivemaster Helm: Great changes! 100% curse chance is crazy good on an already crazy good class, but I would rather have it be consistent than not.

Ritual Robe: Even more wis! Sorc mains will love this! Good change!

Bloodshed Ring: Good change! It was always underwhelming before, and fell even further behind when the other LH rings got buffed. Now it matches them more closely.

Quiver of Shadows: Great change! It was a good quiver before, just hard to use. Now it should see much more use, and the extra defense will help with getting in deep to use it!

Armor of Nil: More defense and less speed loss, exactly what this armor needed. Is it enough though, I wonder?

Superior: Good change, the projectiles were obnoxious

Gambler’s Fate: Another good change

Turncoat Cape: Before this armor had a pretty limited use for rushing, now it should be much more consistent and viable as a general use armor. Good change.

Lumiare: Good change, projectiles were obnoxious

Divine Coronation: I used to trash on this ring all the time, but it grew on me as I started to play samurai and archer. This buff makes it a very solid ring all around now, though it concerns me that it almost outclasses Bracer in nearly every way now.

Ballistic Star: Great changes! It was awkward to have to aim diagonally for a second to get the stun on a boss, and it was hard to use the lingering shots when they would hit a tree and despawn. This is a great change to the usability of the star without making it grossly overpowered.

Centaur’s Shielding: Honestly, this item needs a rework. The proc is very boring, and it isn’t consistent. It is very annoying to have to time your abilities to go in when the proc is up, but with the armor you don’t really have control over when it is up. Increasing the duration will make it more consistent, but the timing will still be annoying IMO. + doesn’t stack with kunai procs that don’t have 100% uptime but are constantly going off really annoy me. God forbid I go in to damage the boss but my proc is on cooldown because a pally used his seal earlier-- shouldn’t happen as often anymore with a 75% uptime rather than 50%, but it still annoys me. I’d rather make it work like Vesture and give a constant 9 attack (or 6 if you want to use the pre-buff stats)

Battalion banner: Good change

Oryx’s Escutcheon: This is a big buff! 225 more damage on each beam, the radius was increased by .5 tiles- which doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you consider how circles work, going from a radius of 2.25 to 2.75 is a huge increase in area. Beams come out even quicker now for faster damage- stun duration increased by .6 seconds to keep the total stun time the same as before, and the cast range was increased too! It will be a very strong item with these changes

Tshot: Good change, I always thought it was underwhelming before, now it can really hold its own between Dbow and Cbow- too bad it is still a pain to get

Sealed Crystal Skull: Does anybody even use this? A buff is good I suppose

Bottled Medusozoan: Thank god, no more cooldown. Maybe with future assassin buff it will be able to rival fungal spell for clearing dungeons, but this is a good start. (Fungal spell is a legendary item anyway)

Cloak of the Mad God: Didn’t think this cloak needed changes, but any buff to rogue is a welcome change.

Lightshow Scepter: Okay, I understand now. The change makes it so that you don’t need mana exalts to use the scepter multiple times now. Great change! Looking forward to getting this set in prod!

Perfomer’s Hat: Love the lowered cooldown and increased proc chance, anything for more consistency is a +1 in my book

Ancient Spell: nice I guess

Harp: Good change, was an awkward bow to use before, this should help

Nectar Crossfire: Good change, I wonder if it will be worth using the full set or to use this bow over tiered bows for clearing. It was largely outclassed before

Oryx’s Greatsword: Good change, the 2.8 range was so hard to land shots with

Tricorne: No cooldown, good change as always

Staff of Eruption: Great change! This was very akward to use before, now it will be much more consistent to hit.

Kiritsukeru: I thought it was fine before, but a buff is nice I suppose.

Watarimono: Great change!! The t7 Waki largely outclassed all other wakizashis before, but now the Watarimono will have the niche of being the most mana effecient single target damage dump for samurai. Great!!!

Reinforced Root Armor: Cool

Enforcer: okay, I strongly disagree with this change. I could make an entire post dedicated to enforcer and how it makes Ninja and Samurai relevant- but I won’t do that here. Enforcer should not be nerfed. Nerfing enforcer will make warrior superior to Ninja in almost every way. Do not nerf Enforcer. This is not another Doku no ken situation; Enforcer is outclassed by other katanas for clearing. It is not the best katana all around. You have tried the whole dblade concept with ninja before, remember the annoying fire cracker katana? It doesn’t work. Do not make the same mistake twice.

You also have to consider the tools that other classes have. Enforcer filled a niche of consistent mid range damage. Wizard/Wand classes fulfilled long range damage, and Melee classes fulfilled short range damage. Enforcer has less true range than warrior now, so what niche does it fulfill? Warrior has more HP, more defense, more range, more damage in most scenarios, more speed, better clearing potential (Divinity), and can buff an entire group. Where does ninja shine now?


I say 6 degrees to 9 degrees or somefing like that.

I am Exalting my Samu RN and let me tell you, nerfing Enforcer won’t make Samu underpowered or any sort.


Overall, I think the changes are good and I’m hyped now. No opinion on the enforcer change, but I haven’t used one, so idrk.

On that note, I would just like to mention the fact of why (at least in my opinion) that the Shatters whites were left out. Why change them now when they will be updated with the rest of the Shatters later this year. So don’t use them in your comparisons yet, as their time will come.

A bit off topic, but this thought just hit me. A realm rework was mentioned, and what do you bet that an Oryx’s castle rework is attached to that, as that is the current endgame of both the realm, and of Realm.


bee helm buff is very nice.


That was Kabam. Not Deca.

This sounds rather contradictory to me.

Personally, I’ve used the new Enforcer a little bit on testing. I don’t have it on prod, admittedly, but I have used it before under testing environments.
And, honestly, it’s…fine, really. If anything, this change makes Enforcer a much healthier addition to the arsenal of katanas available; it’s a somewhat close-range dps machine, with the capability of granting a tad of extra range if required to compete with other range-boosting katanas.

And if this change would really butcher Ninja and Samurai, then perhaps katanas as a whole should bee changed, no? Or would you prefer for a group of classes to be defined by a single endgame item? Do you believe that is “healthy” for the game?


Remember, projectile size is purely visual! Sprite and size has no bearing on actual hitboxes.


Doku no Ken was literally a better katana in every way before it was nerfed. Enforcer isn’t the best in everyway. It is the best in single target damage, which is the most important for fighting bosses like Oryx 3 in the current meta, so of course it will be good. It isn’t the end all of katanas though. I still carry a T14/Doku for clearing minions, or for whenever I need pierce.

The reason it makes ninja relevant, is because if it wasn’t that good, warrior would be better in every way. Divinity easily outclasses all the tiered katanas and even Doku in terms of clearing minions. With the current Enforcer Ninja atleast has the niche of dealing more consistent mid-range damage vs low defense enemies than Warrior.

Should katanas as a whole be changed? Maybe. But enforcer is the baseline that gives Ninja an aspect to shine in. Without it, Ninja just becomes a crappy warrior. We shouldn’t be making ninja worse. (Although, I personally think that the other katanas are fine. Buffing them would lead into a domino effect. If anything, I would rather like to see Divinity get nerfed rather than buffing all the katanas)

Samurai will always be useful for the expose debuff as it was before, but that is a pretty boring spot to put him back in.

When we talk about enforcer, we are talking about end game sets. Let’s look at what warrior can do compared to ninja with end game sets:

Warrior can stack armored, berserk, speedy, and cursed. maybe not all at the same time, but the option is there. Ninja can gain berserk with the star of enlightenment, but you get slowness in doing so. You can get speedy, but you can’t stack it with other effects. You can get armored, but it disabled your mana regen and you can’t stack it with speedy. Curse is unobtainable for ninja. Ninja can stun. (Note that in order to out damage Warrior, you are gonna have to be rocking a Kunai/Rage claws, so you sacrifice speedy for damage.)

Keep in mind, that warrior has considerable more health and defense with all of the above abilities too. Warrior also provides buffs that are beneficial to the entire group, not just yourself.

So, why play an end game ninja over warrior then? Enforcer. It isn’t the best katana at everything, but it IS the best katana for single target damage. It is the only katana that can surpass Warrior (the rest are surpassed by Divinity).


imo they should increase water robe’s attack to 7 to match anointed’s total DPS stat boost (making it at least on par with it, since anointed benefits from it’s ST set)


Nothing on Dblade. sad


I do not think they should nerf enforcer.

I agree with what the majority of reddit said.

I think that the katana classes deserved to have one “op” item going for them.

ivandagiant: “I just don’t agree with the enforcer nerf. it has a true range of 4 tiles now. Colo sword has a range of 4.5 tiles and deals more damage in most scenarios.”

I’m also going to agree that you can jump to conclusions on this without the PT.

syrupsandwitches78: “But is it really jumping to conclusions? Its not like its a change in how enforcer works, its just a straight nerf.”