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I don’t think it will ever be effective.

Gimmicky weapons really don’t have a role because they’re not consistent.

Yeah but there are lots of people that struggle in the game. Deca shouldn’t appeal only to the hardcore crowd.


Ok, yes. I was not saying we do need to make everything harder. But I don’t think we need to “buff everything” because “the game is way to hard now”. The game itself has gotten easier over time. Harder content has been added, but even that- I was trying to point out- is not impossible. The solution here isn’t to buff everything around endgame content so that it becomes trivial for everyone, it is to add both endgame content and mid/early game content (eg dungeon reworks).


@NblankFour You got a couple of your early skin ideas in? :open_mouth:


I’m not really sure where to put this, but here’s something i found interesting that I haven’t seen anyone mention yet: Reinforced root + travelers’ trinket actually seems to give some rather competitive stats, at least for a knight.

IDK what’s considered meta for knights, but the closest thing i could find to RR+TT that I know would be good is gladiator guard + sourcestone.

Comparing the stats for these two setups, gladiator guard + sourcestone gives 40 more HP, 10 more MP, 2 more ATT, 5 more DEX and 3 more SPD. In return, it loses 4 DEF, and a proc ability that actually seems pretty cool for survivability.

Overall, I think it’s a surprisingly close call, considering where all these items drop from.


Don’t forget that most heavy armor players forego virtually any stats in favor of more HP; MP in particular isn’t very useful for Paladin and Warrior (unless you want to spam Draco Dominance).

Overall, I think a fairer comparison could be found with something like, say, Dominion and Omni.

Comparatively, using RRA+TT would give you 20 more MP and a nice 6 more speed. However, you simultaneously lose out on a negligible 10 HP, 6 defense, 1 att and 4 dex (5 total dps stats), and the not-tooooo-amazing 4 in each regen stat.
Overall, while somewhat comparable, I wouldn’t go so far as to really call it too competitive with endgame drops, considering the stats it specializes in.

(Nonetheless, using the Watarimono with just the armor could already be worth it. Extra thicc damage/mp, yo!)


While I’d agree with you about it being a mediocre setup at best for the Warrior or Paladin (for whom MP is kinda useless, or even spd, if we’re talking about warrior), I was talking about the knight specifically.

6 def for 6 spd is a trade i’d be willing to make on a knight, the proc ability would more than make up for 10 lost HP (imho) on a class already leaning very heavily towards def and HP. MP is also very valuable on a knight in my experience, improving his dps AND survivability through more frequent stuns.

Overall, I think you may be right in that this setup is probaly not the BEST option, stricly speaking, but I think it’s really close, considering (again) where it drops. Deathmage and Phionex Lord, i think (could be wrong).


seeing this super late but whatever. Yeah I got a few in, I hope you like em ehe