Purchasing Gold with PayPal


Is it possible to spend PayPal balance on Xsolla? When I click the PayPal button on the payments screen and then sign in, it prompts me to input my credit/debit card information. I only want to use my PayPal balance and not my credit card. Is there anyway to do this?


I recall I have purchased before via PayPal balance, but if it doesn’t work try sending a support ticket.


i have this problem too. I researched it a bit and it seems you must have a card to purchase to verify identity. It would be best contacting paypal support instead.


I’ve bought coins with only paypal balance before, and I had no card, but I did have a card before and it was expired, you might have to choose the “Prefer to use Paypal balance” or something like that


they fixed it. i did that too before


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