Quality Assurance for major updates


I know updates will always have issues of some kind, especially with overhauls, but the one’s we’re experiencing are pretty major and hard to miss.

longer testing periods would greatly negate this, along with some kind of QA team, which closed testers are kinda like that.


Some things simply aren’t feasibly testable if they rely on lag and/or larger groups of players.
Organizing a public testing session is of course an ideal type of answer, but those take time to set up, and still suffer from lackluster player feedback at times (see needing to literally disable LH at times to stop people from just attempting rushing those instead of focusing on the actual content).


Windows and Mac users PLEASE


i just made a new friend today, who is a beginning player, and he pm’d me this :frowning:


Hey cutie still got the exa hp ring? :smirk:


ye I did the same thing with a new player named Skittlefan, and he quit because his character got instapopped by one of the para enemies that infested oryx threw. That wasn’t a glitch but there was no way that he could’ve know what was going to happen.




I mean dying and learning is part of the game though, now he knows. That doesn’t need to be fixed, it’s good for new players to die a few times and get used to the loop and so it’s not bad if it takes a couple tries to learn


oh wtf he was a newer guildie, that explains why he isnt on anymore


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