Quality Of Life


A very small thing to add but would be pretty cool and make sense in a real world enviorment. The Horned Drake has a child following them around and when you kill the horned drake the child runs away but what happens when you kill the child first… Guess yet, No well nothing happens but a cool addition to the game would be when the baby is killed first which is harder then killing the horned drake since it moves more. Make the Horned Drake go into a rage mode of it dropped a lil more exp and the same loot but drake eggs drop more in rage. The sprite would change like the bunny and would litterally take deca 30 minutes at most to add in.


DECA should also change the to timer from server change from 2 minutes to 1 minute. Another QoL change would be adding a timer after a realm closes, counting down until the castle.


The horned drake does rage, but only if you look carefully enough at how it behaves


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