Quest Chest Modifier feels broken?


Since the launch of Dungeon Mods I am like ~1/15 getting quest chests from dungeons with the 33% chance for a quest chest. I feel like I got a mighty one from a parasite chamber on the first day modifiers were out, then haven’t seen a quest chest since.
Was I just unlucky? Has anyone kept statistics for their quest chest find rate?

Comparatively, Food and Eggs feels more accurately a 33% chance, but I feel I’ll sooner get a white bag / ST in a 33% quest chest dungeon than an actual quest chest.


Its the same for me. Soloed about 10 Dungeons with 33% quest chest chance but got not a single one.

The first day it was new, I got a chest, once.


iirc they nerfed it to 10% they just forgot/didnt have the time to change it in game.


Thank you! Do you know if it’s 10% per player or for all together?


from what i remember its 10% roll per player. too lazy to find the exact post but its on the recent ones from the blog.
edit: nevermind. actually found it. here -->
its at the bottom


wow that’s pretty infuriating. Thank you so much for your answer.