Quest chests not working ?


I remember opening one before, but right now i tried to open too and they seemed empty… or maybe am i being dumb and not looking right ?


The Quest Chest is not guaranteed to contain anything. You can open one and get a 0 drop.


I throught that there was a guaranteed stat pot ?


No. There’s rarely a guaranteed drop from them. Normally they are much more generous than this week though.


“Stat Potion is guaranteed, however there is a likely chance to receive more than 1 as well.” (Regular quest chest)

“You are guaranteed 1 Life or Mana Potion, but there is a very high chance to get several other Stat Potions, and a somewhat likely chance to get more Life/Mana.” (Epic quest chest)

It should drop at least one stat pot, I’ve never gotten zero from quest chests as an avid “popper” my self. But it does look like your pet has the “rising fury” ability, so if you waited too long to get your damage in, your pet might’ve “gotten” the SB damage.


I’ve never gotten zero from a lot of them. I think the issue with getting zero is that they have a fairly high sb threshold, so you might get zero if your pet does too much damage.


I’ve never got zero but there is not a guaranteed chance because I watched a quest chest opening video(I was really bored that day) and he got 3 zeros and if i’m sure life or mana is guaranteed in a epic quest chest


I’m pretty sure your pet gets stasised when you activate a quest chest.


Not always. You can avoid it.


Yes, but its only for 20 seconds, so if you wait too long…


I think it just fires a single, invisible, 0-damage bullet that applies Pet Stasis.

On your mysterious case, I have yet to get 0 from a Quest Chest. I think it’s kind of stupid that they wouldn’t have a guaranteed pot, though - like, have 8 free slots, run 8 of this dungeon, and you get absolutely nothing in reward (except for some pretty neat fame)!


Oooookay, clarification time.

The Quest Chests that you get from the Tinkerer have a guaranteed drop, yes.

The Event Chests that you get in dungeon events, on the other hand, do not.

Perhaps @Sweetdaddy should specify which type of chest he’s referring to


Thanks, I was getting confused reading this thread


He did


If you activate a quest chest while it is still sitting in your gift vault, it’s possible that after you destroy the chest, the loot bag can get hidden behind the gift vault chest. You can still get to it by walking around and rotating the screen helps to see it.

It’s safer to pick up the quest chest out of the gift vault and then activate it in a clear area of the vault.


True, a pet could do all the damage and leave you with nothing, but I don’t believe this applies here as RealmEye shows their pet hasn’t yet unlocked Rising Fury (3rd ability).


His post only makes sense to me if he were opening a tinkerer quest, as you don’t directly “open” event chests.

This also makes me think they’re talking about tinkerer chests.

they probably opened them on top of their regular chests, like Nevov said, and just couldn’t see or access the bags.


Oh, I’m brind.


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