Quest: Replicate a Lost Hero


This screenshot was taken nine days before the Paladin’s death, a fatal shotgun from Septavius because I was too arrogant with my DBlade.

So I decided to recreate it with the same dyes/cloths and nearly an exact copy of the equipment. The next things I have to do are maxing it and getting a Saint Nicolas’ Blade, which will hopefully be made possible by the upcoming Oryxmas event. And then I have to do the obvious – bring as many UDLs to ruin in vengeance.

Pally 1.0

Pally 2.0 (in-progress, ofc)

I’m encouraging all of you guys to try this challenge (maybe even post your results below)!


@pentaract did it 5 years ago :kappa:


So a bit more than a year ago I still had my first Samurai from Motmg 2018 alive with a lot of base fame and every item I would consider useful on it (except the t13 katana). But then I tried the new beekeeper and found out that the red bees he summons still confuse:

But I had plenty of these items and did as suggested in the quest and just put the same uts on my backup Samurai that I had made for some halls event. 3 Months later I had gotten back roughly half of the fame. That was around the time the new Bella came out and when doing them I wondered how much damage the new red flowers do, so I went close to one, but took a step to far and stood on it:

But I had another fresh 8/8 Sammy on some char slot and I still had backup uts, so right after the death I decided to get the new sammy to 225 base fame, went into a realm, found a nest event, killed it and decided to solo the dungeon. But while clearing I messed up and died just 20 minutes after the previous death:

And at that point I could not replace the uts anymore.



After that 2nd warrior died is when I really realized how much I liked warrior.