Question about abilities and XML


This is a little question for smart people who know what can be implemented into the game and what can’t be. I am in the process of spriting and developing an ST set for the archer and I wanted to make the quiver unique.

Firstly, I want to get the inaccuracy that is present in spirit and eth, can I program that in on Pfiffel?

Secondly, and more XML-y, is it possible to have a quiver that shoots a short stream of 8-12 semi inaccurate projectiles?


Good luck, what’s the distance?

I know you can get the wavy feature through amplitude and frequency, which I believe is present in Pfiffels calculator.

Not sure about ability though, would that be similar to a short “tentacle”?


I’m not entirely sure how to explain. Do you play soul knight? The quiver would function similar to the Spike Knives weapon. I think you can see how the spike knives function in this video pretty well.


So kinda like the Void Quiver but more…elongated? (xD can’t think of a word)

Don’t think there’s any ability on prod rn that has delayed shots (i.e. shots that fire after the initial ability use) but maybe it’s possible! No idea, will have to ask Atrapperr/Xak / those weird peoples :wink:


yes! it’s so hard to describe. I’ll tag em and demand their expertise.


just a heads-up: my area of expertise (if you can even call it that since basically everything I know can be read by anyone on the public documentation) is monsters and other entities. I don’t know very much about items.

however I can say that this is probably not doable, since it follows the same basic principle as my plasmic blast spell which would shoot a continuous stream of projectiles instead of a single burst and atrapper said it couldn’t be done.

edit: we also have a rarely-used forum category specifically for xml stuff, I’ve moved the thread there


Yes, you’d add a very small Amplitude and Frequency to do that.

As of now, no, unfortunately.


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