Question about exit portals and dungeon completion


Someone told me that since an update a while back, we don’t have to use the exit portal after boss to get the dungeon completion to count.

i have this old habit of still doing that… ie, after clearing for troom after boss, i go back to boss to use the exit portal

they said as long as you hit the boss and boss dies, you will get the dungeon completion count, even if you press nexus

can anyone confirm this? add/clarify some info? thanks :slight_smile: need peace of mind


I don’t remember it changing – in fact recentish changes such as to Candy Land (where they added a new boss which you have to defeat to get the dungeon completion – which it enables by dropping a proper dungeon exit) suggest the exit is still needed. Tomb is another where it replaces the Portal of Cowardice with a normal exit on defeating the bosses.

Easy enough to check for yourself. Create a new char, go into a dungeon such as Pirate Cave, kill the boss, then don’t use the portal but e.g. Nexus after. The first time you complete any dungeon it pops up a notification as you get a fame reward for it, so you should see that, and confirm it in your dungeon completions.


it’s entirely tied to sb of the boss


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