Question about maxing my pets


Hello, so I just wanted to get a 3rd pet’s skill and I wanted to ask something.


My 1st pet is 70/70 and the second one is 70/66.
Will the pet I get be maxed as it says?
It’s because I wish to have a pet which can have both spells on level 90, not 87 or so.


yes, you only need to have the first ability maxed to have the pet be able to have all abilities the max max level. also gz on heal/mheal/electric


As long as the first ability on both pets is maxed, abilities will have a cap of 90. However, if you do not max the second/third, after fusing the level of the ability will be the average of the levels of the 2 pets before fusing.


I recommend maxing both so they both start at a higher level since the cost of feeding cost more when it is legendary and is much worth maxing it first


Also, while the resulting cap is the same, the pet actually comes out weaker than it was




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