Question about Shatters minions


I am farming Shatters minions for white bags (the armors). I saw on the Wiki that the enemies that respawn drop whites too. The colorful variation of the minions that disappear and reappear after it has died for some seconds. Can you kill these guys indefinitely until they drop a white bag or is it a one and done thing after it dies the first time? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Accursed enemies don’t have drops, so no, they can’t be killed repeatedly for an infinite farm. I think the wiki just misrepresents that a bit since they combined normal and accursed variants into single pages, and the drop table doesn’t seem to clarify that difference.


Aside from what Toastrz said, I’d say it’s more efficient to farm whites from clearing the dungeon normally instead of trying to farm minions. Even if accursed minions could drop whites, you’d have to keep waiting for the next minion to spawn. It just seems boring to do rather than moving on with the rest of the dungeon.


I was just wondering. I wasn’t planning on doing it. A “good to know” thing.


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