Question about the new Assassin and Necro ST sets and Solo ST Gem Keys


I just saw that there are 4 days remaining.
I haven’t had time to play for the better part of the past month or so and I have a whole bunch of solo keys racked up to do these solo ST Gem keys in the future, when I DO have time. (I have been checking in daily to do daily check in’s and collect the daily stuff.)
My question is, are these ST Tokens really going to be gone in 4 days forever?
If so, what was the point in giving so many keys, especially the ones you had to pay for?


The same tokens worked for the last pair of ST sets and this pair, so should work for the next pair (or however many) of ST sets they release. So I would think it’s safe to do them even after the 4 days and store any tokens you get, if you have space. Or keep hold of the keys until the next ST sets are released – I assume like me you’ve a few in your gift chests.


cool, thanks for the info


The event for lost halls and fungal cavern just passed. The events were meant to get people to do the dungeons and get the chance to get the ST tokens. If you’re going to do solo dungeons, may as well wait until there’s an event that will allow you to double up on your drop chances!


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