Questions about the UGC Team


Ok, so basically I would just like to ask a few simple questions about the UGC Team.

a) How do you apply for it?
b) Do you have to get spotted by someone?
c) Do you have to be a skilled player to be part of it?

  1. Do you have to have knowledge in XML coding?

  2. Do they ideas have to pass DECA’s approval first?

  3. Does the team work on a project together and use their key skills to tackle a specific part?

  4. How long do dungeons take to design and code?

  5. Do you take requests for things players would like to see in the game?

Anyone is open to answer but these questions but they are mainly directed towards:

@Xaklor, @Dappertron, @Toastrz, @Piggby and @Krathan


You don’t. They’ll tell you if you’ve done fine thing cool, like Xak’s XML


Thinking Xak is good LOL


I’d assume so

I’d assume so

I dunno x) prob depends on project, lost halls takes more time than mwoods

@Xaklor put spook in game wtf


I’ve heard a story about @PIGGIESFAR applying through support and getting accepted.

Kabam also had and application form up for a while in 2014.


a. Get noticed, art contest
b. unless through winning a contest yes. Current UGC members will recommend people
c. No
2. No
3. ? to get in the game? ofc
4. yes or no, both
5. long
6. up to them


I was approached by krathan on discord because people noticed my epic self-taught xml skills and dungeon design and stuff. knowing people in closed testing helps since they can recommend you, but you have to have something worthwhile to contribute to be in UGC. skill in-game isn’t as important as really understanding how the game works and what’s bad or good.

only if you plan on doing that, the UGC team also consists of dedicated artists who just make sprites. some of them know how rotmg’s xml works, but only because they were interested themselves, not because they actually need to know it

I wouldn’t know for sure since I haven’t finished anything yet, but it seems that you work on what you want until it’s ready for prod and then deca adds a couple finishing touches (drop rates and such) and adds it in. I do know that fame gain and drop tables have to be approved by deca, whether or not the dungeon is any good is handled by testers since that’s what they’re there for. obviously deca won’t add anything they don’t want to, but I don’t know of anything they turned down and threw away.

idk about skins.

depends on whether or not you want others helping. usually (I think, I’m still relatively new) one of the xml code monkeys does the dungeon while an artist handles the sprites.

deca doesn’t impose deadlines or anything on creators, we work at our own pace. so sometimes things will get done in a reasonable amount of time, while others stall out because the person working on it has other things to do irl or whatever (cough nest rework cough).

it really depends on how much time you have available to invest in your project. the xml I included with my stone caves of nores dungeon took around 5 months (?) to complete, but part of that was due to me still learning the xml. and that doesn’t even include the testing and debugging that comes after that, it definitely takes time.

I’ve got way too much stuff of my own I want to get done to take requests from other people. I would guess other dungeon creators have similar opinions. sprite artists might be more lenient, you’d have to ask them.


I’m working on stuff okay? be patient.


i think a better example is piggby.


Ahh I see someone has been listening to Deca Debrief!!!
However, I also did mention that the stars were in alignment that day. I do not recommend trying that AT ALL.

The only real way to get into testing is to know testers/UGC.


No, I actually heard it somewhere else.


There’s no official application, but contests are probably the best way to have a chance of getting in.

You don’t have to. However, as someone who has recommended two of the most recent UGC members, an artist can certainly be spotted.


If you plan to be a dungeon maker, yes. If you plan to be an artist, no.

Yes, everything produced is checked by DECA.

When a dungeon is made, the designer can decide how they want to ask for help and such.

Months, if not a year.

No, not really. Obviously, if a UGC member wanted to, they could as long as it fits in the game.


I’m curious. Where?


The only way to get into testing/UGC as of now is by tester/UGC recommendation.

Answered above, but I would say yes.

Good items/characters? No. Understand the community and game mechanics? Yes.




too long

deca decides which ones they want to put in


Thinks back to Piggby dying with the creators ring in PT
No, I don’t think so


I think I heard it twoce in discord, probably from people who heard the debrief.


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