Quickest way to get party member level ups?


Title please help : )


Set up your own noob leveling train.


Yup! You and a friend could start running around the inner road and start spamming NOOB TRAIN TP
An easier way would be to just join a fame train with a ranged dps class, but there are probably fewer people who are leveling there


It’s true that you’re not guaranteed to have people leveling up all the time, but the main issue is that you have to get kills for those level ups to count. Unless you’re on Sorc with a really good MHeal pet, that’s not going to be easy.


probably the best way would be to have some friends hop on new characters and let you level them.


But to do this for 100-1000?


That would be to advertise yourself, probably. Offering to level noobs in Glands is easy.


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Ah I’ve got some good advice I can give you hold on I’ll just read the other replies first…



I MEAN HEY, I gotta use the tools I have at my disposal right? dragging bandit guys to the bots on the beach would’ve been impossible I feel like… atleast for 100 levels.


19 levels for each character, if they delete or kill the character and make a new one you can get a ton of levels done in an hour.


Put it into perspective: if you lose your account trying to get fame bonuses, you are left with nothing. All your fame is only relevant in the game context, you don’t actually become rich & famous IRL by killing pirates. So stick to the TOS and don’t let the dark side tempt you.


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