Quite damn solid Wizard PPE


So been playing on this bad boy for a couple of months now, decided to compile up the clips I had and make my first even somewhat edited realm video. Any criticism is appreciated <3


pretty cool vid :ok_hand:


thats literally like 2x as good as all my drops combined.


Very good ppe.I dont like the music choices though, dont feel like they fit the ppe.Good luck continuing the ppe btw!


Nice ppe, the music got a tad annoying but otherwise was goos. I’m not a huge fan of the ppe video format to begin with, because I think it’s not very creatjve, so I would recommend trying to spice it up a little (maybe beatsync or other editing techniques ) to keep it fresh.


Wow dude thats some good drops
Only thing that makes me feel better is that all that was in 20k+ fame time


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