I really like this game, and I don’t want to stop playing this, but it’s happening…
I started playing this 6 years ago, I saw a boy playing this in school and me and my only friend asked “what is this game?” and he said: Realm of the mad god, and like the first reaction that everyone have when we hear the game name, “what?” I started to play and I liked a lot, 3 months passes, no one from my school play this game anymore but I don’t stopped after 4 years, my account got hacked, I created a new one, this one 2 years ago, and I started to play good, in 4 years I was blue star, in this one 2 years and I’m almost a white star I don’t need friends when i have fun in my house that’s why I never cared for friends or whatever I had RoTMG c: but I can’t play it anymore a stupid bug don’t let my game load, I have no games to play now, my pc is very weak and I have nothing to do unless wait this bug fix for itself or someone help me :c R.I.P Oryxjpk, this was the best game what I ever played <3

damn this text look so gay


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