When I was 8, I went in my school computer lab and saw someone playing a pixelate game in a website, I and my friend asked him what game he was playing he said Realm of the mad god, our first reaction was “what?” I didn’t know even how to spell that game, because I’m Brazilian, I sat on the computer at his right and started playing that game, I loved it, they stopped playing after 4 months and I got my first level 20 character and died. I met 2 Brazilians who play this game in Ceará (Brazil state) 1431 miles from my house, we played every single day, and I was being bullied for my “friend”, the same who played with me from school, and his new friends and another people, that’s why I never showed my face or body for anyone in internet, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and tried to kill my self with only 10 years, but, when I was playing this, I just forget the things that they did with me and keep the smile on my face, and keep going, it’s the best game I ever played which my old computer could work, years and years passed and I was getting better, doing dungeons solo and these things, my first shatters solo was in 2016, January, then I soled lost halls 2.0 too I was so happy, I tried it again and again, then I died, and died again, again, again and every character I had died, and now I can’t max anymore, I’m so sad and I made a choice, quit this, I literally have no life, I just play it, every day, I think this gonna be good for me, I did every dungeon solo in game I “conquered” rotmg, and I think it’s time to conquer real life, I hope it gives me the same happiness that this game did, I like challenges and I think life is a perma-death mmo too : P, I hope you guys have a nice day and goodbye
(lol stupid game, making me cry)
(sorry for every English mistake, it’s not my main language)


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