Quiver of the Deathmage


I got this suggestion a few times, and I actually thought about it. But think about it - a lowland-midland quest dropping a 600 feed power white? Let’s not do that.


I didnt said anything about a drop rate
I just said we dont need any more drops from udl!


Maxed leather classes are not squishy enough to merit a healing ability.

Pretty OP

Decent QoT reskin tho


Yes I’m well aware of what Snake Pit drops and that Deathmage is a low level quest. However, also consider that it’s a very low chance to drop and there’s also a set few Deathmages in each realm. If it had the same drop rate as Bulwark then there’d still be very few people that would get it (Not that anybody would want a white this bad except for show), and even less compared to Bulwark anyway. Snake pits are easily farmable, just grab a melee and go in and kill her before her 2nd phase and repeat, it’s a very common dungeon. Deathmages have a set amount per realm, and yes I did say this again because I doubt you caught it the first time, so that’s already a much lower chance then Bulwark. Let’s compare this to QOT, the only other whitebag that drops from realm enemies (Maybe there’s another but I can’t think of any). It’s not very common and although you can farm it pretty well by buffing the multiple ents (which btw there’s more ents than deathmages in a realm) there’s still not a lot of people who have it.

@GammaGamer 600fp is nothing when you look at how uncommon whites are. Just get 2 def and buy 2 t5 rings and that’s 600. Or do a few Jungles and get 2 staffs and you have 640. Honestly 600fp is on the lower side for whitebags.

@PIGGIESFAR I just realized that it is a QoT reskin lol.


You never said this before. :relieved:

Also, no matter how many deathmages there are per realm, there is a bog margin between the difficulty for killing deathmages compared to Stheno.

The QoT drops from Greater Nature Sprite which only are spawned when a certain amount of damage is surpassed upon activating an Ent Ancient. Furthermore, Greater Nature Sprites are far more formidable than a Level 6-8 quest.


I actually did say this before. In the same post. I’m glad I said it again though because you obviously only read what you want to read. You would have missed it otherwise.


Well I wouldn’t have missed it. Repeating it in the same post is pointless.

Funny how you ignored my other points for not having it drop from the deathmage. :grin:


You can’t deny it, you did miss it. It’s just a fact. The post is unedited so I didn’t add it, you just didn’t read it. And I ignored your other points because if you’re just going to skim through my posts I don’t see the point in wasting time to address yours.


Bit OP I think, we’re getting good damage AND a heal AND 4 ATT (Archer has a lot of that) AND 1 Tile extra range AND you can heal tons of health and why doesn’t it work on events? Cooldown is cool though. Sprite is good too.


No need to be rude.

I did read your whole post so don’t quote me on things you don’t know.

No more arguing between me and you, I hate debating things to the point where people begin to get annoyed and dislike a person because their side is not seen.

You’re not neccessarily wrong, actually you are very right: there are a set number of Deathmage setpieces in a realm homing 1 Deathmage and their minions and they will not respawn after they are killed. However, my counter arguement was that they lack difficulty and could easily be killed in one shot with a mid tier weapon, unlike Stheno and Greater Nature Sprites. I see your point, not how you see it, but I get what you’re saying bro. :slightly_smiling_face:

Redox. :v:t5:


Droping from deathmage its very good idea. This monster maybe isnt very stringi but farming him will be still super hard becouse there is maybe 5-10 per realm and he isn’t a quest so finding him will be very hard


Wait, wat? Uh, I’m pretty sure it’s a quest…

“The Deathmage is a quest monster that spawn in graveyard setpieces in the Realm.”


For starters, 270 average damage isn’t a lot. It doesn’t even match the T4 quiver.

Yep, we are indeed. But 80 heal for every monster hit is pretty balanced. Let’s say that we’re in a crowded place and there’s three monsters that are hit with this quiver. The linear shot doesn’t really allow more hits, so three is usually the maximum. That’s a 240 HP heal, which isn’t a lot if you have a decently maxed Archer.

Perhaps I said it wrong. I meant only for the Event Boss. Works on minions.


But no a 20lvl quest so u can farm it easy


You could just get yhe lower levels to call “Deathmage” for you.


The quiver is dope But the projectle needs to be catchy with the quiver like it gotta be dark like it i like it :smiley:


or farm it on ppebtwlelxds


*Round of applause

Best way to do it…


Looks good!


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