R o t M G b u t y o u ' r e d r e a m i n g


Have you ever been playing RotMG and been so attached to the game or one of your characters that you play him or her in your dream? I definitely have so I tried to represent this feeling in audio and some visual of how it feels. This isn’t perfect but it definitely gave me the chills and maybe you too. Thanks for watching, if possible give me a like or if i’m really special a subscribe. :3


This gave you chills?




I dreamed one time that i died on my fav character…

…it got 2 hours to figure out that i STILL have my character.


Before I lost my first “Important character” I had dreams of losing it a week before it died ;;


So…I’m not the only one who occasionally dreams about RotMG? Nice

Sometimes I dream of death, and other times I dream of whites. Believe it or not, I hate the white bag dreams more, mostly because I’d wake up, feel confused and think I got that one white I really want, and then it turns out it was just a dream.I rather have a nightmare that turns out to be false compared to a dream…


not nearly as effective as this video :sob:


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