Rank bug


Very strange bug. If I switch to my Trix I have 53 ranks. Any other char I have 52 ranks. This means I can switch between the two ranks repeatedly:


Shame it’s not at a star boundary; being able to e.g. switch between orange + yellow star at will would be even more confusing and broken. Maybe I just need some more class quests before they fix this :grinning:




Not just you but also happens to others.


Yes, someone else reported in on Reddit. There could be people who are affected but don’t know it yet. I only discovered it by going through my chars. I was not looking for or expecting this bug, I was instead looking to see if the game had missed any class in its calculations of my new rank.


OK, another day, another report. More people reporting it on Reddit and I just noticed my rank drop by three today.

The odd thing now is it’s ignoring live chars with well over 15k fame. I know this as I can see it in the char select. Notice the Bards and Sorcs. Those are my two chars with over 15k base fame. But you can also see my other Bard and Sorc, which according to the game have only achieved 3 and 4 quests respectively.

It’s not because of the ~200 fame you can get deducted, because the old way of working it out boosted you through the first 225 or so fame. My Sorc has over 17k fame so there’s no way that can account for it. And the game thinks I haven’t even achieved 5k base fame on Bard, an even greater discrepancy.

Playing either 15k char briefly raises my rank until I switch to another char again – visible in game and in my rank history which is looking ever more ridiculous.

Why is my post partly in German?

someone on reddit posted a video of himself switching from yellow to white, back to yellow star :stuck_out_tongue:


I have plans to do the same with orange and yellow, but at this rate i’ll never get there, if the game keeps subtracting ranks after I’ve achieved them.


I found the video: https://www.reddit.com/r/RotMG/comments/pbya01/i_can_change_my_star_d/


thanks haha