Ranking the UT Rings


Hello there! I’ve been playing this game for nearly 8 years now and rings have always been a really special part of this game. They’re the one item that can be equipped to all characters regardless of their class, and that ultimately makes rings some of the more interesting items in the game. It’s very difficult to choose a ring sometimes and to know which ring might be better for certain characters or situations. I hope this little ranking may help you out if you’re unsure of what ring to pick. So without further ado, let’s rank the 24 UT rings that are currently in Realm of the Mad God.

Worthless Tier

23 - Spider’s Eye Ring
The worst UT ring in the game! It only provides a +3 VIT and +3 WIS boost, and if you’re at a low enough level of gameplay to be using this ring, you’re not going to be considering a set based around wis mod. Overall just a terrible ring.

22 - Crystal Bone Ring
Another just absolutely awful ring. Although it also has only a +3 WIS boost, it also provides a +3 DEX boost which can, at the very least, boost your DPS at the early stages in the game.

21 - Snake Eye Ring
Compared to the last two, this is a bit of a step up. +3 ATT is nice to have on any ring, meanwhile, this ring also provides +3 SPD to help with mobility. Still a terrible ring, but a slight improvement over the other two in this tier.

Still Pretty Unusable Tier

20 - Fairy Ring
This ring combines some of the stats from the previous tier of rings and provides a +3 to SPD, DEX, VIT, and WIS. Still no help in the defense department, but at least there’s some room for some offense.

19 - Candy Ring
Back when our pets were weaker and before UB Speed was buffed, this ring actually saw quite a bit of use. With pets being super overpowered the +10 VIT and +10 SPD don’t make up for having to lose 100 MP and 10 WIS. There’s just no reason to ever really use this ring over UB Speed.

18 - Ring of Divine Faith
Alright, so this ring is also pretty awful. It does provide +5 WIS in addition to +5 VIT, though, so maybe you could benefit from using it if you’ve decided to be stylish and use the entire Manor set on a Priest. At least the +5 WIS will be helpful with wis mod because if you’re at the point where you’re running manors, there’s probably a good chance that wis mod could be helping you out by now.

17 - Captain’s Ring
This is the first ring on the list that actually starts caring a little about defense. It provides a solid (by early game standards) 40 HP while also providing +3 to both DPS stats. It’s essentially an extremely nerfed crown and it may prove useful for low level players.

16 - Amulet of Dispersion
While this item seems to be decent at first glance, the stats it provides are just far too spread out for it to be at all useful. While the +30 HP and +30 MP is nice, having only +1 of every other stat makes this ring pretty much pointless as all of the stat increases go entirely unnoticed.

15 - Coral Ring
Coral ring is interesting, as it really feels like the first ring that has a specialization. It looks bad at first glance, but if you look a little closer you can tell that this ring would be perfect for sorcerer or other high-ish DPS wis mod classes with its +75 MP, +5 SPD, and +5 WIS. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of other rings that do this job way better later on in the list so coral ring is best just left on the ground.

Sphinx Tier

14 - Ring of the Sphinx
Oh yes, everyone’s favorite tomb white bag, the Ring of the Sphinx. And look at that! In its very own tier all by itself. How fitting! This ring is essentially a slightly altered coral ring, and as I said before, coral ring sucks. It’s kind of sad that a ring that offers +100MP is still considered bad but when you look at the other stats that it provides (+4 DEX and +4 WIS), it just doesn’t hold up in the slightest to other rings that do the “lots of mana or lots of wisdom” thing better.

Now We’re Getting Somewhere Tier

13 - Experimental Ring
Most often known as the PPE ring. Many players starting from scratch or just new players in general covet this item. It’s actually a really good early game ring and is very similar to several other rings that show up later on in this list. Any ring that provides +60 HP and +60 MP is probably going to be a decent ring but this ring is also kind enough to offer 4 DEF and 4 VIT to help a little with survivability. Overall a very good, and accessible, ring for noobs.

12 - Esben’s Wedding Ring
Now this one’s an odd one, and definitely a tough one to rank. Esben’s Wedding Ring provides +60 HP and MP like expo, but provides +10 ATT at the sacrifice of 5 DEF. It’s a pretty bold sacrifice to make, but +10 ATT is nothing to scoff at. The ring is essentially a UB ATT (which actually finds some play on classes like Archer at the top of the meta for DPS sets) but with an additional 60 MP (the -5 DEF and the +60 HP effectively cancel each other out most of the time).

11 - Ring of the Nile
This ring can sort of be seen as expo’s partner in crime. It’s essentially the more DPS focused version of expo as it provides the same +60 HP and MP while also providing +4 SPD and +4 DEX. SPD and DEX are overall nice stats to receive boosts to, even if the boosts are very slight. Extra mobility and a little bit of DPS never hurt.

10 - The Twilight Gemstone
This ring is one that everyone loves to hate, when in reality, it’s actually not that bad. It shines particularly well on Assassin as the +110 MP can be extremely useful for getting in an extra poison. Additionally, +6 DEF is a pretty bulky boost to a leather class’s defense. Finally it gives you some mobility, and on a class that is already extremely reliant on getting places quickly, throwing out a short burst of poisons, and then moving to the next enemy, it does extremely well. In any dungeon that lacks enemies that armor pierce or armor break, this ring will most likely be more effective than Sourcestone due to the defense bonus outshining most HP bonuses. Overall, it’s not a bad ring. It just doesn’t work well on very many classes or in very many dungeons, but on an Assassin (or maybe a Knight or Priest) in just the right place at just the right time, it can be a tremendous ring.

Good Tier

9 - Crystallized Mist
This ring is probably the hardest UT ring to rank on this list (aside from the one that I left out) due it simply being underdeveloped at the moment. The ring provides some decent bonuses of +60 HP, +6 DEF, and +8 SPD but it also provides a unique ability of giving you invisible for 8 seconds if you take over 70 damage from one hit (with a cooldown of 45 seconds of course). The stat boosts alone are pretty decent, but the ability on this ring is extremely interesting. I really do expect this ring to become one of the best in the game as people figure out how to take advantage of the ability when rushing. I imagine that in a year or so, this ring will be the best ring for anyone rushing dungeons on trickster and warrior because the ability could really help you out in a pinch. As for now, I’ll just leave it at the bottom of good tier, but this ring could very well become one of the best in the game in the coming years.

8 - Ring of the Pyramid
For the longest time, back before the days of Shatters and Lost Halls, this ring was, without a doubt, the best non-ammy ring in the game. It is extremely simple in providing +100 HP, +4 ATT, and +4 DEF which goes well on literally any class. All classes benefit from having extra defensive capabilities and extra offensive capabilities. This ring provides both of those!

7 - Bracer of the Guardian
Bracer is the perfect middle-of-the-road high level ring. It provides a lot of good boosts that are useful on basically any class except for ones that do not benefit from extra MP. It’s essentially the perfect balance of offense and defense with +60 HP and +60 MP while also providing +6 ATT and +6 DEF. This ring is very much about balance and for some players, that might not be enough. You may want to be more defensive or you may want to be more offensive. Bracer, however, is the perfect middle ground for any player who wishes to reach perfect balance on their character.

Extremely Good Tier

6 - Sourcestone
Sourcestone is essentially the Twilight Gemstone’s much better, more respected, brother. It does most everything that gem can do, and more. Rather than the +6 DEF bonus that gemstone gets, you get a massive +110 HP bonus which makes it extremely valuable in dungeons that have lots of armor piercing or armor breaks. The rest of the stats are the exact same as gem, but that’s perfectly fine because the rest of gem’s stat bonuses are fantastic. The ring, once again, goes well on classes that benefit from being able to have one or two extra ability uses like Assassin or Knight. Overall, it is definitely one of the better rings in the game and definitely worth grinding Lost Halls for.

5 - Ring of Decades
This is the pinnacle of defensive rings. +190 HP is no joke. It will be very difficult to die with this ring equipped and on characters where DPS isn’t that important to you, it is the most practical ring in nearly all situations. The problem with “deca ring” is that it has no specialization. While having a huge amount of HP can be nice, having no focus on MP usage, wis mod, or DPS stats just makes it feel plain. I find myself often swapping out the deca rings on my characters for other UT rings because it just feels too simple. I like to have some sort of twist to stats and when other rings are able to provide +6 to both DPS stats, you can truly feel that drop in DPS when you switch onto a deca ring. The same goes for switching from something like bloodshed to deca. Your character just feels less effective. Don’t get me wrong, defensive capabilities are great, but what kind of fun is there to be had without a little bit of DPS to speed up gameplay?

Broken Tier

4 - Bloodshed Ring
Bloodshed is one of those rings that does not look that great at first glance. It has a decent +100 HP bonus which may remind the player of pyramid ring but it also packs a +5 DEF bonus as well, granting you a little more defense when compared to pyramid ring. However, this ring’s focus is much more… well, focused? The goal of this ring is wis mod. It provides an additional +5 WIS, a bonus we’ve seen several times before this ring in the list. However, the difference here is that the ring provides survivability to the robe classes that best benefit from having a huge amount of WIS. The previous rings with wisdom bonuses are difficult to use because they provide very little in terms of defense. This ring provides both! It gives you a massive boost in defensive stats and allows you to shoot your ability usage through the roof on classes like Sorcerer, Priest, Necromancer, and Paladin. It is truly the perfect balance of wis mod and defense.

3 - Magical Lodestone
Despite being one of the most difficult rings to use in the game, lodestone is incredible. It has absolutely no HP bonus, which is why you really start to question your sanity when equipping it, but the other stats it does provide definitely make up for the loss in HP. It gives the user +6 of both DPS stats while also providing +6 DEF and +6 SPD. It provides a little bit of everything, but with a narrower focus on DPS. It is a very interesting alternative to crown and in some situations, the extra defense or speed may help you more than the +110 HP that crown provides. Lodestone is overall an incredible ring that can work well on any class that is able to sacrifice a little bit of defensive capabilities for literally the best offensive boosts of any ring in the game.

2 - Omnipotence Ring
Remember how I said bracer is the perfectly balanced ring? Omnipotence takes that and turns it up to eleven. This ring is essentially the best in terms of rings that go for the whole “a little bit of hp, a little bit of mp” archetype. In addition to +80 HP and +80 MP, it provides +4 of every other stat. On classes that use a lot of MP, it can work perfectly by giving you a little bit more MP than you would get from a bracer. On classes that need a little more DPS, it provides that as well. The one thing that omni struggles with that prevents me from putting it as number one is that it really tries to be the jack of all trades. It’s an amazing ring, don’t get me wrong, but because this ring tries to be everything at once, it only really shines on a few classes. Knights, Priests, Assassins, Wizards, etc. etc. will all benefit from this ring in some way as they have abilities that can be spammed making the extra 80 MP extremely valuable. Meanwhile classes like Warrior and Rogue will never have a reason to use this ring. It’s odd that the ring that tries to be the jack of all trades doesn’t actually go well on every class. Regardless, on the classes that it does shine on, this ring is amazing and arguably the best in the game.

1 - The Forgotten Crown
Shatters has been, and possibly always will be, the dungeon to go to if you want endgame rings, and nothing says endgame like the Forgotten Crown. This ring provides a fair HP bonus of +110 which is always great to have on any character. However, crown’s main focus is the +6 DEX and +6 ATT stat. Unlike lodestone, it does not sacrifice a huge amount of HP just to have some interesting stat bonuses. Crown is, plain and simply, defense and offense in perfect balance. This ring goes well on literally any class. If you have a crown, there’s no reason not to use it. It’s just perfect. If they ever make a ring that is any stronger than crown, I’ll be shocked because this ring already verges on upsetting game balance. If I had the option to choose any ring on this list for any of the 15 (soon to be 16) classes, I would choose crown 9 out of 10 times. It’s a damn good ring.

Note: I left Locked Reactor out on purpose. It’s too hard to rank with other rings and I ultimately feel that any attempt to rank it would be inaccurate given how strange of an item it is.

And that’s it! I hope you all enjoyed this list. Feel free to share your own lists or comment on mine! This is all just an opinion piece and you may very well have an entirely different opinion. So yeah, have at it! Let me hear what you think!


You forgot the heart from the valentines event

My completly subjective list thats only based on my personal situation would be something like

Deca: A+ (by far the best ring in the game)
Crown: A- to B+
Soulfoul affection: B- (Pretty good on sorc, but wis is bad on the other 14 other classes)
Omni: B- (only 80hp and half of the stats are useless)
Bloodshed: C+ (Good on sorc, but lacking hp)

Everything else (not including entropy/sts) is an F

  1. Deca
  2. Potato
  3. Crown
  4. UBHP
  5. Mists
  6. Omni


Bloodshed is really not as great as you’re making it out to be. Wismod is near useless on non wand classes, and you’re losing out on the +5 atk of the much more common pyra. I’d put it under pyra. As you’ve said, people just haven’t figured out mist >.<. Esben is a great offensive alternative to bracer, I’d put it between pyra and bracer. As others have said, soulfull affliction exists, and is essentially a better cult ring. Deca is more broken tier than bloodshed! It knows what it wants, and it does a damn good job of it #4 imo
Great guide mate.


Just wanted to respond and say that I also didn’t include any “limited” UT rings. I realize that there are some limited ones that outclass some of the rings on this list, but they’re not available all year around so I think it’s pointless to put them down in this guide.

Additionally, people heavily overrate deca ring, especially new players. As you improve at the game, HP becomes less important and you start to expand your horizons towards other rings. Despite the popular belief of newer players, deca is not the best ring in the game. There’s only so much you can do with extra HP but at some point you have to take the training wheels off and play with rings that do more interesting things.

That’s how I view it anyway… Additionally, a lot of people seem to disagree with my placement of bloodshed ring, but honestly… Put that thing on a paladin, priest, or sorcerer and you’ll see why I think it’s so good. It is SUCH a good ring for those classes and I think just because of that, it deserves to be in the top 5.

  1. Crown
  2. Deca
  3. Mist
  4. Omni
  5. Source
  6. Pyra
  7. Bloodshed (only on sorc with wismod set)
  8. Potato even though I don’t like it
    8.5 Bracer
  9. Nile, Expo, Wedding ring (mostly just ppe rings, I’d use para hp over these 95% of the time)
    rest are worse than meh or just bad imo

In the end people know which rings are top rings and which aren’t and have slightly different opinions on how they rank them depending on their playstyle and what classes they play.

This is just how I value my rings and how I’d rank them, feel free to disagree with my controversial potato ranking opinion.


I disagree with ranking pyra above bracer. bracer is basically a direct upgrade, exchanging 40 hp for 60 mp, 2 atk and 2 def.

  1. Crown
  2. Lodestone/Omni
  3. Pyra/Bracer
  4. Deca/Bloodshed/SS/ubhp
  5. Nile/gem/Esben
    6.Expo/exa hp
    7 and less - trash rings


How can you possibly rank Bracer over Omni???

+80 HP, +80 MP, +4 ATT, +4 DEF, +4 SPD, +4 DEX, +4 VIT, +4 WIS


+60 HP, +60 MP, +6 ATT, +6 DEF

You’re saying that losing 20 HP, 20 MP, 4 SPD, 4 DEX, 4 VIT, and 4 WIS is worth +2 ATT and +2 DEF? Like, what?


Oh sorry - not meant that


Oh okay. Was really confused. Hahaha.

  1. sourcestone/gemstone
  2. esben ring/crown/pyra
  3. the others

don’t underestimate a speed boost


Shouldn’t crystal mist be #1?


They said most people didn’t like or understand how to exploit it to the best of their use.



I was referring to RareMeat’s ranking, not OP’s ranking.


I know your comment was in response to RareMeat, but to reiterate why my list looks the way it does…

My original list was made in regard to the “current” meta. If changes come about, I will make changes to the original post in the future. As I said, crystal mist definitely has the potential to become the best ring in the game and we’ve seen some people start to use it. The problem is that it’s extremely hard to come by and it requires you to play risky. I mean I’ve done probably 500 fungals and just recently got my first crystal mist (and that’s pretty typical for most people). I’m pretty sure it has the lowest drop rate of all whites in that dungeon from what I, and others, have experienced.

So playing risky with it is similar to playing risky with something like a crown or omni. You’re kind of encouraged not to just by the fact that you might not get another one for a long time.


sorry i didn’t know that existed


Sorry, I didn’t mean to say it should be #1, but that makes sense!

Is it that rare? I got mine after maybe 30 fungals I think.


Yeah DECA is probably the one of the best 4 rings in the game (omni, crown, deca & sourcestone).


My TOP 3

  1. deca
  2. crown
  3. sourcestone