Ranking the UT Rings



omni sucks but ranking nile above omni is big brain


Actually no, they are equal.


LOL, Vit is useful. It’s good for petless characters, especially for Knights.


Deca and Ring of The Pyramid imo are my go-to rings…


When i equip a fungal armor on a petless knight, i see no difference…


+60 hp +60 mp +4 spd 4 dex = +80 HP, +80 MP, +4 ATT, +4 DEF, +4 SPD, +4 DEX, +4 VIT, +4 WIS?
You sure bro?


man fungal breastplate is fun to use.
especially in conjunction with crystallized mist, like say ur wearing abyssal, and the def makes the damage less than 70, switch to fungal breastplate to lose the def, so it does more than 70 so you go invis


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I edited my ranking above Twitch.

Yes there is. Knight can naturally regenerate 10 HP per second. Pair that with Fungal Armor and UB Vit, you are naturally regenning 18.4 HP per second. That’s a huge difference.


Yeah, my username has been fixed now. I think you were right.


Does that 10 vit really matter, in comparison with parahp - of the same price?


Yeah it does, especially when you are low HP. And wanted to get back to fight quickly.


+8 HP per second healing is negligible when compared to what a maxed legendary pet or divine will be healing. I really see no reason to ever use fungal breastplate unless you’re purposefully not using a pet.


Lavawalking with a good pet and hp pots?


I’m very surprised at how people rate rings (especially people who sleep on esben’s webbing ring: it’s pretty great on knight).

A lot of overrating on the strength of a Deca: health is important, but you still want other stats alongside it. Getting some bonus Hp mainly matters on robe classes, as tankier classes often already have enough HP to not get bursted. Generally, any ring with at least +60 hp is often helpful enough. How often are you going below 200 HP, after all?

Mostly, some rings are generally good, while others are situationally good on classes. A crown is good on anyone, while an omni is amazing on any class that wants both mp and wisdom, and a sourcestone is great on any class that uses mana. My Top 5 rings are Crown / Omni / Sourcestone / Bracer / Deca, with Bloodshed,Lodestone, Mist, and Pyra all still being quite good: most of them just simply do not provide enough useful extra stats to consistently outclass Deca’s extra health, with lodestones lack of health making it harder to use.


why do you think deca is far better than crown?


my top 5 rings are 1:crown 2:omni 3:potato 4:deca 5:source
obviously some rigns are better on some classes but these are generally ones you can’t go too wrong with


Lodestone is a ring I believe should be paired up with an hp armor. Soulless works, but the ST Wizard from Shatters robe is also pretty good.

And ofc, I think bplate loses too much def, but bplate + potato probably would be my dream set on war/pally and maybe even sam.


80hp more and survivability is more important than dps