Ranking the UT Rings


The thing is that asides from bplate, most other HP armours give up stats that you would want other than def for the hp (with the def you give up being replaced by lodestones +6). I think it’s essentially only useful on a melee because of that.


Do they really?

Kamishimo and any other HP-increasing melee armor is only giving up DEF.
For leathers, you lose the DEX but that is patched up by lodestone (which basically gives you all the DEX back, as well as an ATK boost)

And again, with the robes, you lose the wisdom (so yeah, if your class is wis-heavy don’t use lode) but the atk loss off tiered robes is made up for by Lodestone.

Yes, you do lose some desirable stats, but I think the final combination is pretty strong as well. I do however agree that Lodestone is definitely best on melees and will be largely second best to Crown on anything else.

Personally I rank it as an S Tier Ring along with Crown, Omni, DECA, CMist, and Sourcestone.


Lodestone is better on Necromancer though.


Oh ya, forgot about that bc necro has hp buff from skull


AND deserves a dps boost :slight_smile:

  1. Crown
  2. Crown
  3. Crown


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