Rarity of the ghost king STs?


I recently started farming Ghost Kings in search of Interregnum since it’s the last piece until I can finally get my Necro ST set. In your experience, what’s the rarity of these STs? (Is it as rare/rarer than lich STs? etc…)


its rare af


Yes, especially the skull


I’ve gotten both of them at some point. I’ve actually gotten 2 rings and I still have my skull, this was in the year and 4 months ive been playing


(Off-topic) I’m yelow in-game but this still shows me as red star, any idea what I can do?


log out and back in


oo no u made me cry again !


I got a ray in testing server dwai


ive been trying to get skull but no luck. only piece i need xD


Not sure it is rarer as a % chance of dropping, but Phylactery Bearer drops are much easier to farm due to the number of them around a boosted Lich.

I’ve gotten the complete set twice, once early on when the drop rates may have been better. Took me a long time to get the second skull, many months until I got it in April, by which time I’d collected spares of all the others.


Can confirm.
Skull is the rarest of them all…

I’m not too sure how accurate I am but sifting through old loot screenshots I had I got each piece of the set twice minus the skull over ~50 UDLs and ~25 heroic UDLs. I have no clue how many ghost kings I cleared through though.
(also buffing the ghost king doesn’t increase the drop rates)


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