Rate my 3D necro papercraft



I kept it 8 * 8 * 8 because why not


Aw, that’s actually adorable. How’d you do it? I wanna do one too…


Very cute, especially with the staff leaning on the necro!
I also second GammaGamer


It’s a papercraft. 28 blocks, going from 5*4*5 to 1*1*1, following a minecraft model. After that, i copy-pasted 20*20 red/black/white color blocks into an image editor, and made them match the size of my printer.

Examples :



He’s supposed to be a demon summoner necromancer (name checks out) but he ended up cute in 3D.


arms look a bit wonky because they look like they’re too far forward on his body since you’d expect the shoulders to be somewhere closer to the middle, but very good overall. you should do more if you can :3


I just spent way too long looking at this and trying to figure out how to make it, with no luck. you should make more.


Now peer pressure will force you to make one of the big boi mad god.

Also the peer pressure is me.


I want to try this


Please make a cube god!

Really though-- good job.


hahaha… imagine… unless ?


Hmm, what is this


Hockey Sheep.


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Opened per OP’s request.


Haha I responded before you
I rate the one that you’re posting right now oryx/10


That was a twerpy move to pull. Demon/10


Dbiz, curse you ! :angry:


Saw the halloween crafting contest in the rotmg discord, i decided to rework my necro with new knowledge and new tools. Looking back, i can understand why it didn’t win the previous contest (i didn’t made that for forum points no no no). I kept the same technique, except it was built on a 3D printed base this time and i’m glad i did that, because the quality and durability of the little necro skyrocketed ! Bye, white borders !

Picture of them next to each others to compare

As for the papercraft oryx… i’m sorry to disappoint you, but it won’t be possible. The shades of gray are too similar, my printer will just print fully black squares. And i don’t really want to spend a day designing the 3D oryx model. As for now, i have no plans to do something else. The time spent transforming a 8*8 rotmg sprite to irl takes 3 full days. This is an exceedingly long process, and i might stop forever doing 3D art will probably do something the next crafting contest, who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

The Achievement Thread

No, its a necromancer. Unless it has cult skull, it can’t curse me


@ Triforcej


To explain my rating, there are 3 types of oryx
O1 is 3/10, O2 is 7/10, and O3 is 1000/10
I have completed an oryx roughly 200 times probably, so that is multiplied by 200, making it 4,200,000. That number is a multiple of 420, so it’s multiplied by 69, bringing it to 289,800,000. I have killed oryx around 15 times as a necromancer, so the final rating is 289,800,000^15, which is 8.540351e+126/10