Rate my 3D necro papercraft




Oh lol I was trying to do the multiplication symbol *
It just italicized it
It was supposed to be 3 times 7 times 1000




I will send you anything you need. Just give me your residence address so I can ship it to you, your credit card number, your place of birth, your exact birthday, every email address under your ownership, the password to your Realm of the Mad God account, and your Costco Gold Star membership card.


Worth it.


You forgot his phone number. You need that too


Hmph, who do you think I am? Some sort of stalker? This is serious business. Just the credit card number and the other things I mentioned, Demon. I don’t need anything else.


Sounds legit


why wouldn’t it be?


Yes, I do




Edit: dang, ima have to look into these contests…


Wait… So you won the contest, and got randomly selected for a mystery ST chest? HOW? Also what did you win


didn’t want to double post the one in the achievement thread, so go check that one. For the record, i won 600 gold