Ray Katana Rework


Ray katana
Dmg: 111 Same
Range: 6.12 Same
Fame bonus: 8% Same
Effect: Hits multiple targets Same
Pass through obstacles


Eh… For me I would say 37 Armor Piercing Damage but with 300% firerate and allows to split to mini shots upon hitting a target, dealing additional armor piercing damage.


Now we can complain about the item being garbage trash even through walls and cover!

(Joke - Respect for coming up with new ideas though :slight_smile: )


Kazekiri already passes through obstacles.


All I want is sexy purple number. More weapons should have precise damage output imo… it is very satisfying. Just not as an event white. It’s not unique enough, and frankly, I’d prefer all event whites to be abilities (rework kage, just change ray drop loc).


I know this was like 2 months ago, but I’m curious, what would you do with cdirk then?


I debated this far more than I’d like to admit today and I have 3 options:

  1. I’d like to keep cdirk’s historical integrity as a joke item so it could drop very rarely from beach enemies or pcave (basically a replacement for the dirk). And of course it would still come up during events. The disadvantage of this would be it’s undue relative power level and the fact that it wouldn’t be very accessible to endgame players (save doing something on the beach instead of just waiting for oryx). But canonically I think this is the most appropriate.

  2. Move it into something like shatters. Drop from switches (would be appropriate since secret switch is only accessible by 2 of the three classes that can use it) or one/all of the bosses. This is the best option given it’s rarity and the fact that shatters is somewhat lacking rewards-wise right now. But this doesn’t do the lore justice in any way and makes it very farm-able via keys, which isn’t bad, but feels inappropriate for this item.*

  3. Keep it in realm, but move it to something like ent ancients or cyclops gods (and then move it’s st to ent ancients). This doesn’t feel like quite enough of a change, but does the job of opening up space for a new cube god drop.

*Initially thought a court dungeon or 3d would be ok, but it’s rarity would be out of place, but not in a funny or thematically appropriate way.


Imagine end-game players competitively grinding the Beach. There’s so much poetic justice being served! x)


Why not 2 katana’s who’s shot can pass though obstacles?


Because it’s unoriginal.


Just because 1 katana already has it, isn’t a reason why another one can’t. Kazekiri still has it use outside of going through obstacles anyway


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