Ready for a challenging warm-up?


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What the heck is that golden white star?
Free RIFTS Pack
Star rank icon from Challenger Mode misaligns the chat



Blue stars LULW


Aaaaand how do you get on?


Warm up is literally completing tunnel rat quest on prod. Real season starts Sept 27 I believe

Also holy shirt it’s happening! That star background reward thing looks kinda disgusting ngl

Edit: lolol reading comprehension 0/10



I can’tget in wtf? I did just fine in testing on browser but maybe it’s some steam thing? when i click it it just gets highlighted and nothing happens…


when you click what?


click the challenger mode button with the non statue oryx


oh nvm i just realised it starts at midnight (for me)


same here

edit: Reinstalled, didn’t help


wait da warn up is not here yet ? i play on steam too


Wow, Deca has been busy!


read it it says 12:00 UTC just search utc = (whatever your time zone is)
and it’ll come up


It’s not bad. It’s not good, but it’s not bad. Will there be more servers than just CAsiaSouthEast?


Why can people access it while i can’t ?


Wasn’t expecting it but deca has finally delivered with some good content and rewards. Props to deca after months of disappointment.




It’s too much!


Different time zones.