Realm eye no pet


I want to see how much i have left to max to fuse legendarys in feed power but realmeye is saying i have no pet

im playing on seaonsal charater and ive already tried to use none seasonal charater with the pet to see if realmeye would pick up my pet but its not?


Same problem here, my realm eye pet tab aways showed that I have 2 pets, but when I click on it only show 1 of them, and today I fused them, now the tab shows that I still have 2 pets, but when entering the pets page it shows " You have no pets."

My graveyard is not showing new deaths since 2023-02-01, and my exalts still at 19 even though I’m at 42, maybe realmeye is having problems updating things.


i have the same problem, but my grave is also affected


mine too


same thing i want to max my 2nd legendary pet but i would like to know how much fp i need but it doesnt show up