Realm Hub Discord Grand Opening


tl;dr Be in only one discord instead of 4 to get the same benefits! Join here:

I never know how to start these things, so here we go:

#What is the purpose of this discord?

Realm Hub makes it so users don’t have to be in 4 or 5 different discords to get the same experience. For instance I know that many if not most of the people reading this are currently in a multitude of discords where they only care about the location of something - public lost halls, realm closers, nest farming and lost sentry farming, fame train…you get the idea.

Hub uses a bot (built by me) to take messages sent in those discords and copy them over to the Hub discord. This way you only need to be in the hub discord to get the same benefit as being in 4 to 5 other discords.

#This seems like a power grab. How can I trust your intentions?

A very valid question. Hopefully this can assuage your fears:

  • I’ve gone through all the proper channels, meaning I’ve requested and gotten permission from each discord owner to use their information.

  • Hub is not meant at all to usurp the other discords, or replace them. It is simply a convenience for the thousands of players who would use it. Just remember: if the other discords die, so does hub. Hub is only using and broadcasting their information, not making our own callout system.

If that’s not enough, then think of it this way - someone was bound to do it eventually. Would you rather it be me, or some random dude with a little coding experience who isn’t well known in the community?

#Get to the point already. Where can I join?

Sorry, sorry. Here ya go:

The whole concept is a bit hard to explain so if you need more information or a better explenation, feel free to leave a message or join the discord and see for yourself.

Huge thanks to u/RotMGBotkiller and u/tiffit for helping with the creation of the bot.


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