Realm is a very messy game


One of the most irritating things about realm is how messy and unorganized this game is. This can be said about things from the half broken friend system to the layout of the shatters.

A lot of things look unfinished and all of the reskins and skins make weapons and characters confusing to tell apart. I mean, I can get behind seasonal themed items and characters but there doesn’t have to be a new skin update once a week.

Now don’t even get me started on the shatters. The shatters, in my opinion, looks really lazily put together and I know Kabam was the one who implemented the dungeon but there are some very easy things that could fix the dungeon. There are areas where lava just ends and becomes blackness and broken things such as the bridge literally closing on your character and booting you from the dungeon. The first boss is so easily exploitable by standing in a certain spot where you literally will not get hit by anything. The bridge looks really lazy as there are literally no obstacles on it. Just flat land. The second boss room on the other hand is tiny and cluttered. I actually enjoy the third boss apart from the fact that like the other bosses he can be exploited and steamrolled ridiculously quick and makes the shatters feel less hard than a snake pit.

Steamrolling needs to be fixed by adding more invulnerability phases to enemies and/or more health as well as adding caps to dungeon populations. I’ve glossed over this in other posts.

And then the nexus… the nexus is just atrocious. First off we don’t have dedicated trading nexuses and there’s just kind of pay to win shit thrown everywhere and it just looks disgusting.

Then we have the title screen which has literally been broken for like four years. That black square glitchy looking thing on the boxes in the background of the title screen have been there since I last quit in late 2012.

Like, so many of these things I can imagine are easy fixes. Why not focus some of their effort on things that need fixed in an obviously broken game before adding “NEW CONTENT.”

So yeah… Want to end my post in asking you guys about other broken things you notice and what you think needs to be done. Really open ended thread here. Really just want to hear your outlooks.


Even though some of the things that you mentioned might be intentional, you are right, the game is broken.
But I like the current way of fixing a few things and adding some new stuff every update.


i agree with these. But i think shatters is hard enough, seeing how many maxed characters die there anyway.



Damn those Immaculate Red Flowers.


I’ll admit the shatters could use some work, but not the kinds of things you’re saying.

that was never supposed to be noticeable, because no one planned on lavawalking being a thing. and how would you fix that anyway? it’s supposed to feel like a massive expanse of lava in all directions but it can’t continue forever because there’s boundaries and the rest of the map is in the way.

that is an anti-leeching measure taken to ensure that players don’t sit out the boss fight. I’d rather they leave it in then take it out.

that’s what most bridges are.

that makes it harder to dodge things, it’s kind of the point.

The Archmage fight is actually well done IMO, unlike the other two there are no behavior exploits or safe spots. the only problem is steamrolling, but that’s not unique to the shatters so I wouldn’t count it against the dungeon itself.
The Sentinel could use a shot pattern change, but only so that he covers the entire area and doesn’t leave out that one spot everyone hides in, but even then it won’t do much because the blobs are being dragged around. it’s one of the few examples where perfect strangers in-game will still work together as a co-op game should be like.
The KING on the other hand needs to be redone almost completely. there are so many points in the fight where things can go so wrong, and his rage phase is nigh undodgeable without a perfect internet connection and extreme skill, (unless you hide like a coward, this is what everyone does btw) 98% of players probably have neither.

as for some of your other complaints:

where else do you suggest they put the P2W stuff? and don’t say “nowhere”, or “someplace less obvious than the nexus” because that’s how DECA makes money. if they don’t make money the game dies. like it or not, you have to deal with it.

and I never ever ever want DECA to make merching easier in any way possible, if merching is boring/painful to deal with than in encourages players to actually go out there and play the game. making trading easier means there’s more of an emphasis on on selling and buying items off other players, instead of just getting them yourself. and making an “official” trading server means that DECA endorses that kind of excessive merching, which is something I’m sure they don’t.

similar to the black tiles in shatters, you’re not supposed to be seeing those. deliberately not loading things you don’t see makes the game run smoother and use up less memory.

when I started reading this, I was thinking “yes rotmg is a very messy game”, but not in the way you’re seeing. the game itself is messy, meaning the code it runs on is a disaster. DECA is working on making it neater and run smoother, but that’s a very long-term project. the results will be glorious, but they will take a while to be brought about.

most of the issues you brought up however are trivial, I don’t think DECA should waste time on them.


Sorry. In the original post I kind of just blurted things out without much depth. I’ll make another reply in a few hours when I can find time to with more of an explanation for some of the things mentioned and you might see eye to eye with me on them.


with this merching things, its pretty easy right now with realmeye.

And as a hardcore mercher, i can tell you that we dont need more easier places to merch things.

There wasnt even trading when the first began, they added b/c people were getting scammed while dropping items/middle mans

everything else (well this too) is said very nicely in xaklor’s reply


If i’m building a bridge, why would I put obstacles on it? I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a bridge but they generally don’t have obstacles on them:


I agree with you here…the third boss was actually fairly well designed and if you’re in a small group, requires actual coordination and knowledge of gameplay to complete. Note: After reading xax’s reply, yes I agree with the broken and gltichy things that need to be fixed…otherwise I think this is a good boss on the whole.

The other bosses are rather lacking…namely the bridge boss. I find that the twilight archmage is actually OK, although I would like to see him take damage during the phase where the stationary portals start firing an obscene amount of shots, with that space (after you defeat birds).

I believe this is actually what they are focusing on, and have been continually addressing in most of their reddit posts. The new skins and such take very little time to produce in the game and the dungeons are half done by closed testers, I believe. I’ll call @Toastrz to confirm?

This will take a while to actually make happen, seeing as there already is a player-made trading server. But I understand you want that server to be less laggy.

I’m actually not entirely sure what you’re talking about here…I’ve been playing for close to 5 years but I’m not sure wwhat this is describing. Mind posting a screenshot?

Things I’d like to see fixed or completed would be the alchemist (remove or do something), the arena (new system), more guild activities to enhance the coop aspect and lastly a new class on the ‘choose character’ screen…that one empty space really annoys me.

A separate, non-steam related achievement system would definitely be something I’d be in favor of.


Pretty much, yeah. Important things take time to do (or at least do right), so don’t make the mistake of thinking that vanity items and minor events are the only things that will ever happen. As you can see in situations like the months leading up to the Hive-Sewer-Encore triple release, vanity fluff is there to fill the time and make the wait less arduous.


Okay, so let me begin the response that I promised earlier.

In the area between the 2nd and 3rd bosses there is a very noticeable area of blackness where lava tiles could have been easily placed to make the dungeon more aesthetically pleasing. It’s directly following the large lava room with the skinny stone pathways and right before the final descent towards the forgotten king. In the hallway separating those two areas you can clearly see where the lava ends and the blackness begins. It looks very incomplete.

I understand how this could be a leaching measure with the bridge thing. However, it could be understandable in the dungeon if the bridge would just instantly close AFTER the bridge guardian is defeated. That way only people who were there for the defeat of boss 1 may continue onward and the rest are trapped in the first area. I guess you could say that people would leach just the first boss but that isn’t THAT much of a problem. I know a lot of the time when I am doing a shatters with a group of folks, people tend to get caught up with a lot of jazz in the first room and sometimes half of the group gets separated and only half of the group reaches the bridge leaving the rest to clear out a lot of enemies prior to reaching the bridge. That means a lot of people rushing to the bridge as fast as possible most likely being fairly careless about where they are at the exact moment part of the bridge fades away.

What I am saying is that the bridge should close instantly rather than slowly because it’s frustrating to see the bridge still open slightly and you just happened to be on the wrong spot at the wrong time and end up getting booted. It should be all or nothing.

What I meant by obstacles on the bridge is that IF the fight was fixed so there wasn’t a stupid leeching corner where you can literally dodge all of the bullets there would definitely need to be a few columns or something that you can hide behind. Similarly to the snake pit where there are four walls that you can duck behind if damaged. Now I understand that this kind of thing would result in a lot of leeches but ya know, that’s what you get when you stick with a broken system of test chests that are literally built to be leached on.

I think I have kind of come to the understanding that boss 2 isn’t as broken as I originally portrayed in the original post but I do still think the room is a tad bit small for the bird phase. I also kind of think the phase where he moves to the orbs is kind of silly looking. Like he just kind of moves over to them for little to no reason when i think it could be much more interesting had he stayed in the middle of the room and fired his shot pattern outward in all directions but honestly, at this point this is an opinion piece.

I definitely agree that if done incorrectly the king can be a nightmare. And by a nightmare I mean right next to impossible. His fire and purple energy ball blasts are literally impossible to dodge. You will get hit by something which seems kind of unfair.

My suggestion for the pay to win stuff is that the items sold in the nexus would either be entirely moved to the bazaars or simply move them to a “gold menu” of sorts where you can buy all of the items with gold. I’m not saying that the pay to win stuff should be “hidden” but I do think it clutters up the nexus when it could be neatly organized in an obvious menu.

I can’t really understand why deca wouldn’t approve of merching. Merching does not and probably will never earn you more in terms of items than playing the game itself. If you’re good at the game and know how to run pretty much every dungeon you will be earning more stuff in less time than most merchers. Now I understand that there are the mass merchers who merch on like 20 alts at the same time but to tell you the truth, not very many people would even consider ever doing that kind of merching. Most of the merching that goes on is “TRADING 2 SPD FOR 1 DEF” and the like. It’s mostly people just exchanging items of around equal worth. The for profit merching is a rather small part of the current trade server and isolating it in an official trade server wouldn’t take away profit from deca as those few people who merch on massive scale will still do it on USWest2 anyway if there wasn’t ever a trade server made.

As for the black box glitch on the title screen, this is absolutely hilarious because it appears that deca literally just fixed it. It was happening last night when I checked before I ever wrote this post and it appears to be gone today. So either it’s a thing that only happens time to time to certain people, or it was VERY recently fixed.

I hope I cleared up any misinformation.


For more mess:


ah that spot. I was/am under the impression that if the lava extended any further it would have the problem of

going too close to previous areas and making it look less aesthetically pleasing, since the shatters is clearly divided into 3 totally different areas that look nothing like each other. it also may or may not allow trickster teleports between entire areas, which isn’t good.

that gives you far too much room to fight the sentinel, it would be even easier than it is already. it would also allow for people to drag unactivated leftover enemies from the first zone into the bridge mid-battle. and it still doesn’t solve your issue of getting removed from the dungeon if you get stuck

the slowly closing bridge gives you and other stragglers more time to catch up, as well as an effective timer to tell you how much time you have left to get your butt across the bridge. it’s really not an issue unless you’re consistently unlucky or just bad at shatters.

wouldn’t that defeat the point of removing the “safe spot”? except at least with the current safe spot the guy in front still has to tank that 200+ dmg shot each pass the Sentinel makes.

that is in fact, his easiest phase. making it even easier is unnecessarily pointless.

do you have any idea how bland and empty the nexus would feel without them? besides, the more apparent it is that you can give DECA money the better for DECA so they get more people to spend money.

that’s because it’s as big a pain as it is now. anything done to make merching easier in any way shortens this gap and makes it less of a hassle for “merch machines” to work. if merching is easier it makes more people willing to just merch instead of play. and playing players, btw, buy things like keys and such.

I see excessive merching to be the item equivalent of serious fame training, getting things faster and easier than normal people without getting better at the game themselves. but instead of just being a “boring fame farmed white star”, you get to be a “wealthy af noob who can’t stay alive on all the 8/8s he makes”. so I am opposed to anything that makes merching easier, because it would encourage more people to do that instead of getting things normally.


I think you made fairly good arguments against all of my points but I do want to address the nexus thing one more time. The old nexus used to be very organized and small. It was a gorgeous place in the game. They actually expanded the nexus at one point to the current size allowing the additions of the “nexus shop” and I think that update was one of the absolute worst.


Gonna say this is the TO library, but I may be mistaken.


the new content is just skins :frowning:


I think most all of these skins are badass. I don’t really care that they’re doing all of these skins and reskins, I’m just happy that they’re still doing behind the scenes stuff that will be released in time. DECA doing skins and reskins is a hell of an improvement to Kabam’s nothing or shitty little patches every five months.


I’m afraid at this point of then slowly turning to kabam’s ways and becoming lazy.

Although I think it’d be tough to be on kabam level because I remember playing when Kabam first released The Shatters, being inactive for over a year or two, and then coming back and there literally being no new content almost.


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