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RotMG - Month of the Mad God
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This is absolutely gorgeous. It’s almost like a movie poster 0u0




Found General Grevious


Can someone list all of the depicted bosses/enemies? I recognize a few like Colo but other than that i am clueless


Top left: Oryx
Top right: Marble Colossus, Forgotten King, Killer Queen Bee, Malus, Esben, Void Entity

Bottom Left: Red Demon, General Grevious
Bottom Right: Beholder, Skeleton Warrior from UDL


I was thinking that the Realm enemy it looked most like was Xolotl.

I don’t have any other guesses lol


I really love how you had the void entity encompassing all the endgame bosses and such. It really fits in with the lore


RotMG: Endgame


…ngl, I kinda nearly shed a tear when I saw the art haha. Not sure why, maybe it’s because it’s that beautiful, maybe it’s cuz I know I won’t be able to draw something as badass as that? Perhaps it’s because it shows how far RotMG has come as a game, or maybe it serves as a reminder/memory of the past Realm times?

Regardless if it’s none, one, or all of those reasons, one thing’s clear: This piece is astronomically outstanding. Absolutely speechless at the amount of effort put into it, it really is a high quality piece. Love it so much man, continue to strive on, and happy MotMG to you too~ :heart:


But you’re so great at your own art style


Hhhhh thanks~ Guess everyone has their own strength, and it is no mystery that Sataru’s strength is making art pieces that leave your mouth hanging open for a few minutes x)


literally god tier art, how do you do this


Very impressive.


But my mouth (and probably most others’) was dropped wide open when I first saw your and Squeakwee’s art. It might not be über-detailed like this art, but it’s just as impressive and appealing.



This is cool and all, but have you seen this masterpiece?



Okay sir, I accuse you of stealing from the Louvre.



Clip it so only the purple part shows, and rename the title to Endgame. But seriously, it honestly looks like an Avengers movie poster.

The art itself looks really cool. I personally love the Rock Dragon in the back, as well as the Red Demon in the side.


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