Realm of the Mad God - Manga Cover 01


Realm of the Mad God - Manga |
Base of story and lores are composed according to the original game and modified some new story or add an new extra story.

My apologize that I can’t guarantee when you will able to read it. But I hope you will continue to look forward and get another perspective of my fun and happiness to be given to everyone!



this deserves SONO CHI NO SADAME JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOJO!!! also, great art! cant w8 for the maga to come out.


Are you by any chance planning on full coloring it (The art, not the manga)? It looks amazing.




i look forward to it!


Not finish yet, the finish one will coming out with the manga for sure
(I hope you like it ^^)


That Knight is majestic looking. The others are good, but that’s probably one of the best renditions of a Realm Knight specifically that I’ve seen!

Also, Kage Kami doesn’t look like a “burnt Twinkie” anymore. x)


Thessal, Wind Flower, Oryx, Beekeeper, Kage Kami, Crystal Worm Mother, F.E.R.A.L, Shadow Cube Blaster, The Forgotten King, Mystic, Craig, Knight and MBC.


What do you mean not finished? This is amazing. I absolutely love it. Can’t wait until the manga comes out. Keep up with the good work!




korega Realm of the Mad God, da.


Some epic scene :writing_hand:(◔◡◔)


That MBC is thicc boi.


Are you sure it’s mbc?


That is a Knight vs MBC.






From the head, I’d say yes


Attention: My apologize but no RotMG Artworks on this February. . .