Realm Of The Mad God: The game where cheating seems encouraged.


any feedback would be appreciated, i do feel like i missed a few crucial points but i hope my message came across well enough.


Its a pretty good video. Audio is solid, and the points you brought up coupled with evidence and examples perfectly summarized a few of the community’s bigger gripes when it comes to ROTMG and DECA.

The only thing I’d say you can improve on is perhaps adding more images for what your referring to (an example would be screenshots of hacked clients being able to access O3), but I know sometimes that’s just not feasible.


They need to start cracking down on this type of shit. This is not okay.


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How to Achieve Social Success In RotMG

just my opinion. but if you want to make something clear, dont mumble for over 8 minutes.


Why are you complaining about cheaters when your own client has been modified to give yourself an advantage?


We’re really gonna compare visibility improvements to having the ability to ip connect and auto-nexus? Big difference between the 2, considering the former is something Deca explicitly said that isn’t a bannable offense, compared to the latter which is a bannable offense. Don’t ask me why Deca hasn’t just straight up made it possible to alter your transparency below 50% in-game instead of the registry, but the point here is that it doesn’t break TOS according to their word.

And if you do reply something along the lines of it not really mattering cuz Deca doesn’t do shit regardless if you change your registry or decide to use auto clients, you’ve essentially proved this video’s point.


Auto-Nexus is among the least disruptive cheats out there, yet it’s still brought up in nearly every cheater discussion. Why do you care about auto-Nexus if visibility cheats are okay?

Yes, it does prove the video’s point, but it also paints the author as a hypocrite in my opinion.


dude’s the type of guy to call someone out for using OptiFine lmao


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Fucks the economy


Great video, wish more people talked about this glaring issue within our community.


that’s just the way my voice is, and i felt like those points were pretty important for the video but thank you for the criticism nonetheless


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It’s literally not a cheat, It’s something that DECA HAS EXPLITICITLY SAID IS FINE


And yet, they still capped it at 50% for everyone else.


And they also made it clear that it’s fine if you uncap it


I’ve never seen it stated anywhere. I came back to Realm about 3-4 months ago. Where is the sign that says it’s ok to modify registry entries to get a better view than everyone else? Is it a reply to a reddit post?


That very odd blue text might answer that question

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