Realm Of The Mad God: The game where cheating seems encouraged.


Thanks, I missed the link earlier. So it is reddit. Is that the only place? Did they even bother mentioning it their own blog? The majority of players are not going to see posts on reddit. It’s about as weak as expecting everyone to know about RealmEye and follow its forums.

It hasn’t been made clear. They have better ways of spreading information to players, on top of real solution which is to allow us all to choose lower values. They’re not doing that, so the message I’m getting is that I’m only allowed to go to 50%.


Yes, they can definitely be more clear.



this is funny as fuck because the majority of players are going to see neither, blog moreso than reddit, blog has literally been used for less than a year


You’re not allowed to do it, even though there is a screenshot from support saying you’re allowed to do it. Perfectly makes sense.


I don’t understand why @HatedFury is being hated so much, but I agree with him. Lowering the opacity below 50% is the equivalent to cheating. It’s something many people don’t know how to do or even know the option exists.

It also requires you to change the opacity via the registry. My problems with this are…

  1. You need the technical knowledge to do this, as the registry is not known to most users and messing up anything can break vital settings.
  2. You cannot change this game setting within the actual game, but only outside of it. If that’s allowed, then where do we draw the line between this and hacked clients?

These are not reasonable expectations to hold a player to. I’ve seen many people in the realm still asking how to go below 50%, months after the method went public. So, you cannot expect all players to be able to lower their opacity. This gives an unfair advantage for those who do. Reducing opacity increases visibility of shots and enemies, and can save you from a nexus/death.

This whole issue is very close to other hacks. Players using autonexus give themselves an advantage by doing something outside of the game (using a 3rd party client), and are therefore are cheaters. Those lowering their opacity to anything below 50% are doing the same.

One rational solution is to temporary suspend all accounts misusing this… go away book… until we get a fix from DECA, by either removing the option to change opacity from the registry or allowing the player to go below 50% in-game. This will give an even playing field for all players.

Also, @Sxmba your voice is great. Has anyone told you that you sound like KSI? :grin:


If I had to guess the reasoning behind this is so they don’t hinder their skin profits


Chancellor Dammah: Am a joke to you?

Even with 50% opacity, I still can’t see myself clearly if there are clusters of dudes on one place.

Here comes armies of bans.


The blog is at least advertised with art in the launcher at every update.


haven’t heard anyone say i sound like KSI but thank you lmao


Don’t take anything Wallfish says seriously


wdym it gives you rEaCh

  1. You don’t need any technical knowledge to do this. Many people have made guides for this, including DECA partners.
  2. We draw the line between this and hacked clients where DECA says it’s allowed. Not that hard to understand, yo ¯\(ツ)

Time to ban many DECA partners and the thousands of players who are using it because DECA explicitly said it’s fine.


As I’ve said above

You need to understand this the ten thousandth alt of a man who as far as I know, has never meant a single thing he’s said in his life, I would assume more than likely he is agreeing with HatedFury as a way to make fun of him

One dead giveaway to this is the line

As Wallfish is an alternate account of Bookbookbo, the person he told to go away.


This man Sxmba got that deep voice. Other than that, if the cheater playerbase outnumbers the legit players’ count, this game will be unsustainable.


Can we please stop going back and forth with this argument. neither side is going to change.


I would like to add on that cheaters and hackers tends to be cloak their Realmeye. This itself cause major debate of legit players cloaking their Realmeye for privacy vs cheaters cloaking theirs to conceal the possible evidences.


Solving the plight that goes as far as the inception of the game is one thing, validating every joe-schmoe who has a microphone and reads the first three (of 27 daily) Anti-DECA posts isn’t. This isn’t new in the slightest. Sure, being more proactive to the issue is of utmost importance, but sometimes splitting the wheat from the chaff when every other fucking support email is “I DC’d from O3 and want divinity pl0x”.

I don’t know much to expect from an 8 bit pixel shooter for hack moderation. Especially now that most of the M part of the MMO has mostly gone from cooperation to “exist and add another 200k HP to the boss healthpool” and if you’re not the first piled ontop of a Priest you ain’t gettin dick for healing. Now we’re just left with the scum who activate tomb bosses and chuck barrels into crowds.

The problem of hackers has only been bass-boosted because you see the same 85 people in a discord run and catch onto patterns. I used to see guys change classes from O1 to O2 and half the time I didn’t give a shit because we still had a good fight and I’m most likely not going to see him again for a while. Does it justify the hacking? No. But its not some pandemic ruining the game because you missed the 03 run.

Its a tricky topic to spread the problem from the pearl-clutchers because in theory they aren’t wrong and things should change. Unless you want to be witch-hunting your entire life, you do gotta put the burden upon DECA to be sure its being handled in a formal and manageable way. Sixteen Youtube videos that coincidentally come out before there’s a mention from DECA, isn’t.

And the elephant in the room; its in the fucking discord groups. And honestly, its a good quarentine for them. If they’re idiling in Nexus waiting for the next key pop or group call, they’re not in the Realm ruining the experience. Stick to guilds, atleast there’s some dignity it doing that.

If I were to propose a solution, any “convicted” hacker loses their trading privilege so they can’t spill unattained gains into the market. But that’s just me.


:rofl: so true, so true…


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