Realm of the mad WAIFUS (Fan art) / Kagekami updated 4 April


After I started playing rotmg again, I can’t control my desire to draw another fanart!
So, here she is…

Ghost bride! (Valentine’s version)

One of the most underrated (mini) boss from haunted cemetery dungeon. Since today is valentine’s day, I decided to draw a cute version of her giving chocolate to you ;D

Hope you guys like it!

There’s a lot of waifu material and this time it’s “Kage kami” !

Of course, the pixel art version is intended to be more inhuman, male-looking sprite.
But from now on, I will draw every rotmg character in female. For science.

Also, here’s the cutest ninja of all time, wind flower ninja skin!

27 march update: here’s a bunny suit version of her ;D

feels good to be a weeb

Oh my god I was waiting for your return


Anyone else forget that this was today/tomorrow already?


Hey! Welcome back!


You mentioned waifus but not Wind Flower Ninja @Kablooeyy


I mean… most of us have no reason to remember it…



shit this is good, i need to see your other stuff now

edit: turns out ive already seen it. rip.


Thanks! I just feel like I want to draw more rotmg after I started playing again.

I can’t promise you, but if I have time I’ll draw even more :smiley:

Oh! That’s right! I forgot I still haven’t post wind flower ninja in realmeye yet. I’ll edit the post now :smiley:

Thanks! It feels good to be back.

When I have time, I’ll create more “other stuff” :smiley:


OMG insert obligatory “CUTE” by kabob





Best bump, didn’t actually see this fanart haha~ Really amazing stuff, love the details and effort put into those drawings :>


milk truck just arrive


I’m here to say that I’m working on more, but I can’t promise you guys when it’s gonna be finish.

Hope you guys will like her XD


Omg. So cute.


I’m…worried over the dakimakura…
though I can’t complain over the 2nd-best Ninja skin getting a really nice artistic rendition 0u0